Nathalie Boy de la Tour will not run for a second term at the head of the LFP. - FRANCK FIFE / AFP

  • Nathalie Boy de la Tour does not wish to carry out a second term as president of the LFP. 
  • The French professional clubs have thus signed an agreement aimed at bringing the elections forward to September. 
  • It is rumored that Michel Denisot could soon become the next boss of the League. 

Everything is accelerating after the announcement of Nathalie Boy de la Tour not to return to the head of the Professional Football League. French professional clubs thus signed an agreement on Wednesday aimed at bringing forward until September the elections for the presidency of the LFP initially scheduled for November at the end of the mandate of the leaders.

The elections can therefore take place from the General Assembly of September 10 (2:30 p.m.), already scheduled by the League, if this point is noted in the Board of Directors by the LFP on Friday. Since the announcement of the current president, many names of possible successors have then flourished in the press, such as those of Michel Denisot (ex-PSG and Châteauroux, ex-Canal +), Cyril Linette (ex-Canal +, L'Equipe, now at PMU), Gervais Martel (ex-Lens), Michel Seydoux (ex-Lille) or Vincent Labrune (ex-Marseille).

25 million more for Ligue 2

The agreement signed Wednesday by the clubs goes further on the overall governance of French football: it provides that "Ligue 1 votes for Ligue 1, Ligue 2 votes for Ligue 2" in the authorities, according to the words of an elite ruler. "Ligue 1 will have the hand", especially for the election of the future president of the League, adds a leader of the second division. This point was part of one of the major requests of several clubs of the elite, even if some residents of L2 have repeated in recent weeks that they "never prevented L1 from doing what it wanted".

In exchange, the agreement allows an important step forward on the subject of removing the cap on television revenues from Ligue 2 (currently capped at 110 million euros per year). This will be granted an additional 25 million euros for the 2020-2021 season, five of which will go to National 1 (3rd division), provided that the professional clubs confirm their decision unanimously by voting in this direction on September 10 in General Assembly.

This file had violently strained relations between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 last May, several elite clubs refusing to grant a cap on L2, which hoped to touch 162 million from next season. A conciliation committee with seven presidents (four from L1, three from L2), under the aegis of the Federation, had been set up, and reached an agreement at the beginning of the week.


Football: Nathalie Boy de la Tour will not run for the head of the LFP


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