More than 60% of volunteers at the Tokyo Olympics and Para are “Uneasy about Corona” 5:53 on July 31st

When the Organizing Committee conducted a questionnaire survey of the volunteers adopted at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were postponed to next year, more than 60% said, I'm worried."

About 80,000 volunteers have been recruited for the Tokyo Games, which are mainly active in the competition venues, but training and other activities have been postponed due to the postponement of the tournament. We got answers from 6000 people.

Among these, when asked by multiple answers that they are working to enjoy activities more, "building physical fitness" and "learning languages ​​such as English" each accounted for more than 57%, and "training on the Internet" was about 44%. did.

On the other hand, when asked multiple worries or anxieties about activities, 66.8% of the respondents chose "Implementation of the competition due to the influence of the new coronavirus and infection prevention measures during activities", followed by 66.8% 34% of respondents said that they did not have the opportunity to know the details of their activities after the training was postponed.

In addition, in the "Others" option, there were also free descriptions, "I'm worried if I will not be infected during the activity" or "I'm worried whether the competition will be held".

The Organizing Committee has begun to confirm the willingness to participate in activities for the Olympic volunteers from the 30th, and after considering infection prevention measures with the government and Tokyo, from April next year, training by role etc. I am going to go.