Major League Rays Tsutsuka No. 4 Recorded three consecutive hits with a designated hitter 12:48 on July 30

On the 29th, Yoshitomo Tsutsuka of the major league, Rays, started the Braves match with the 4th designated hitter, and was the third consecutive hit.

Tsutsuka started out as the No. 4 hitter in the Braves match in Atlanta, Georgia, where the opponent was based.

In the first bat at the first time, he fell to the double play of the short goro with the chance of the first base and the second base and the first goal, but he hit the light with the second bat at four times and hit three consecutive games.

After that, both the 3rd and 4th bats were struck out, and in this game, 4 hits and 1 hit.

The match lost 4 to 7, and the streak stopped at 4.