Gianni Infantino is not afraid of the investigation that a Swiss court opened to him on Thursday. The FIFA president is convinced that he has done nothing wrong and is therefore not guilty of corruption.

A Zurich court examines Infantino's contacts with Attorney General Michael Lauber, who headed the Swiss package. The two were silent, which already led to Lauber's departure.

"But a meeting of the Attorney General of Switzerland is perfectly legal. It is not a violation of anything. On the contrary, it is part of the duties of the FIFA President," Infantino said in a statement from FIFA.

The 50-year-old Swiss says he fully cooperates with the investigation and recalls his appointment in 2016, when he succeeded Sepp Blatter to provide more transparency in FIFA, which was steeped in corruption.

"There were still a lot of questions at the time. So it is legitimate to clarify the Swiss Attorney General in the hope that those who have harmed FIFA will pay."

Infantino was re-elected for a second term as FIFA President in 2019, which means he will head the World Football Association for four more years in principle.