Contract with Seibu Tawada under control. Returning from autonomic imbalance. Professional baseball July 30 17:42.

Professional baseball player Seibu announced that he had a contract with a registered player under the control of Shinsaburo Tawada, who had a contract pending and suffered from autonomic imbalance.

27-year-old pitcher Tawada joined the first place in draft four years ago, and Otoshito took 16 wins and won the most titles, but only one win last season.

And in December of last year, it was revealed that he was suffering from autonomic imbalance, and the contract was put on hold.

Pitcher Tawada joined the practice of the 3rd army from March this year, worked on the menu for physical fitness, and pitched in the 2nd army practice game this month.

Seibu announced on the 30th that he has signed a contract with Tawada Pitcher under the control of registered players.

“We have been able to come this far with the support of our family,” said Tawada. “I will do my best for the family and the team, with responsibility and responsibility,” commented through the team.