Chinanews client, July 30th, 29th, the 2020 National Race Walking Invitational Tournament will compete in all three events in Jinzhou, Liaoning. In this first Chinese track and field "resumption of work", World Championship champion Yang Jiayu easily won the women's 20km race, Jakarta Asian Games champion Wang Kaihua won the men's 20km race, and Sun Song won the men's 35km race championship.

Group photo of the top three women's 20km race. Image source: Official Weibo of China National Athletics Team

  This competition has three events of 20 kilometers for men, 20 kilometers for women, and 35 kilometers for men, attracting many famous domestic players to participate. Among them are the 2012 London Olympics men's 20 km race walking champion Chen Ding, 2017 London World Championships women's 20 km race walking champion Yang Jiayu, 2019 Doha World Championships women's 50 km race walking champion Liang Rui, 2018 Jakarta Asian Games men's 20 km race walking champion Wang Kaihua and other 30 National team player.

  In the men's 20km race, Jakarta Asian Games champion Wang Kaihua won the championship with a time of 1 hour, 19 minutes and 46 seconds. Yunnan player Zhang Jun and Shandong player Zeng Qingcun ranked second and third in 1 hour 22 minutes and 52 seconds, 1 hour 23 minutes and 15 seconds respectively. Talking about the performance of this game, Wang Kaihua said: "I feel that my overall condition is not bad, and I have performed 90% of my training level, but the latter is affected by the rain and the speed is a little slow. Overall I am quite satisfied with the results."

  The men's 35 km race and the men's 20 km race fired at the same time. After more than two hours of competition, Shandong player Sun Song crossed the finish line first in 2 hours, 34 minutes and 28 seconds and won the 35 km event championship. Yunnan player Meng Zhongkai and Qinghai player Zhaxi Yangben ranked second and third with 2 hours 36 minutes 00 seconds and 2 hours 36 minutes 59 seconds respectively.

  In the women's 20-kilometer race, Yang Jiayu and Cheeyangshi's two famous generals opened the distance from the big team on the way. The two constantly surpassed and reversed, leading alternately, and the competition was very fierce. However, sister Qiyangshi subsequently relapsed from her old injury and regretted to quit the game early.

  In the end, the London World Championships champion Yang Jiayu crossed the finish line in 1 hour, 30 minutes and 22 seconds. Young player Ma Zhenxia finished second with 1 hour, 32 minutes and 25 seconds, and Liang Rui ranked third with 1 hour, 34 minutes and 55 seconds. (Finish)