Chinanews Client, July 29th. Beijing time on the 29th, the 72nd Emmy Awards announced the nominations for various awards. The documentary about Michael Jordan "The Last Dance" won 3 nominations, the most Best documentary/non-fiction series, best picture editing of non-fiction series and best director of documentary/non-fiction series. According to statistics, this broke the Emmy nomination record for sports documentaries (except for the sports Emmy).

Data map: Jordan (left) and Kobe.

  There are 10 episodes of the documentary, which attracted the attention of many fans all over the world before it aired. The documentary was released in April this year. The content focused on the championship experience of Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1997-98 season. Many video materials were released for the first time.

  In that season, Jordan led the Bulls to complete the NBA championship "three consecutive championships" for the second time, and then he announced his retirement. Although Jordan later returned for the Washington Wizards and played for the Wizards for two seasons, he was not as dazzling as he had previously played for the Bulls. It is reported that this is also one of the reasons the documentary was named "The Last Dance."

  Foreign media reported that the average viewership of "The Last Dance" on the first day was 6.1 million, and it scored a record-breaking viewership in Chicago. The Emmy Awards is the highest award in the American television industry. It is reported that the Emmy Awards ceremony will be held on September 20, local time. (Finish)