The KNVB does not blame Feyenoord for the fact that the club does not yet test the players and staff members every week for the corona virus. Trainer Dick Advocaat said on Monday that the Rotterdammers only test when someone indicates that they have complaints.

Feyenoord did not seem to adhere to the protocol of the KNVB. It states that the professional football clubs must test the players and staff members for the corona virus at least once a week and in any case 24 hours before the game.

However, a spokesman for the KNVB indicates on Monday to that the teams only have to test weekly from two weeks prior to the start of the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Division and that this is not yet mandatory.

"As long as they do that from two weeks before the start of the competition. We chose this because we want to guarantee the progress of the competition. If you are found to be positive and have to be quarantined, you do not have to miss the start. "

Infections at other Dutch clubs

At a press conference after the first training, the lawyer caused some controversy with his statements. He said, among other things, that Feyenoord's doctor, Casper van Eijck, does not fully agree with the protocol of the KNVB.

"Our doctor is very close to Erasmus MC and to the virologists in the Netherlands. He says that we are only tested at the competitions, but only if we indicate that we feel something. He says that there is no point in taking a test otherwise . "

The corona virus is also causing problems at an increasing number of Dutch clubs. In the past week, infections were detected at ADO Den Haag (player and employee), Vitesse (attacker Hilary Gong) and Jong AZ (staff member).