The current summer transfer market has witnessed a significant decline in deals signed by the Arab Gulf League clubs with foreign players, after five clubs have contracted so far with six new foreign players from outside the league, while contracting at the local level was limited to two foreign players only, through a victory contract with a player Cape Verde, Ryan Mendes, from Sharjah, and Al Wahda contracted Moldovan Henrique Lovanor, in a free transfer deal, after the expiration of his contract with Al-Ahly youth.

And saw the six deals, concluded by five clubs, five players joined in free transfer deals, while Al Wasl contracted with Argentine Nicholas Uruz, for 200 thousand dollars (735 thousand dirhams).

The "emperor" is the only team that has contracted with two foreign players in "Summer Mercato", so far, after he contracted with Argentine Nicolas Oroz, on loan, from Racing Argentine for 200 thousand dollars, according to Argentine media, with an item entitled "The Panthers". “By purchasing the player’s contract after the end of the loan for $ 2.5 million, the market value of Nicholas Oroz, according to the transfer market, which specializes in the players’ transfer market, will be 650,000 euros, and the highest market value reached 800,000 euros in December 2019.

Al-Wasl contracted Brazilian defender Hugo Santos Neres, in a free transfer, from Portugal's Boavista, with a contract that extends to 2023, noting that the market value of him is 1.2 million euros, and the highest value reached 1.5 million euros last December.

For his part, Al Ain contracted with Angolan Wilson Eduardo, in a free transfer deal, with a contract that extends until 2022, after the expiry of his contract from Sporting Braga, the international market value of four million euros, while the highest value reached six million euros in 2019.

On the other hand, Al-Wahda Football Company signed a contract with the Slovenian Tim Matafz (31 years), as the contract of the Slovenian captain with Al-Annabi extends until 2022, after he joined the team in a free transfer deal, after the expiration of his contract with the Dutch Vetsee, and the market value of the player 1.6 million euros, while the highest value was seven million euros in 2011, when he moved from the Dutch Groningen to the Dutch Eindhoven

For his part, Bani Yas contracted with Argentine Alvarez Suarez, coming from Arsenal, Sarinde, the Argentine in a free transfer deal, according to Argentine media, while the "transfer market" site indicated that Suarez joined the "heavenly" on loan, without revealing the financial compensation. For the deal, the player has a market value of 950,000 euros, while the highest value was 1.2 million euros in December 2019.

Finally, Khorfakkan football company announced the signing of the Colombian Orlando Pirio, coming from the Brazilian Flamingo, in a free transfer deal, after the expiration of his contract with Flamingo, while the market value of Perio reached 1.6 million euros, and the highest market value reached two million euros in December 2017.

Munther Ali: The quality of “foreigners” deals is a natural reflection of the Corona crisis

"The contracts of the Arab Gulf League clubs, at the level of foreign players so far, are a natural reflection of the impact of the emerging Corona pandemic virus, on global football in general, and local football in particular," said Munther Ali, former director of Al Wasl team and players' agent, Munther Ali. He pointed out that "league clubs seek not to overstate the material exchange, and include good players at reasonable prices."

He explained, to «Emirates Today»: «every club concludes its contracts according to the budget set for the contracts, and the clubs are now avoiding exceeding the budget ceiling, which was shown during the deals concluded so far in contracting with new foreign players.

He added: "The focus has become to consolidate the centers that are deficient in each team, while not overpaying large sums, which helps clubs to reduce expenses in this difficult period that they are currently going through."

He pointed out that clubs benefited from some of the names that had previously been played at the league level, explaining: «Al-Wahda contracted the Moldovan Lovanor Henrique, who has great experience in the league with Al-Ahly youth, and the same is true for Al-Nasr, which included Cape Verde player Ryan Mendez, From Sharjah, which may be in the interest of the two clubs by contracting with two players who did not need time to gain experience and get used to the atmosphere of the league.

Club contracts  with new foreign players

Alain: Wilson Eduardo.

Unity: Tim Matafs.

Al Wasl: Nicholas Uruz.

Santos Neris.

Baniyas: Alvarez Suarez.

Khorfakkan: Orlando Perio.

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