, July 25. A few days ago, the 54-year-old former boxing champion Tyson has confirmed his opponent in the comeback battle. The 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. will compete with Tyson in an 8-round match in California, USA. In mid-September.

  As early as May this year, boxing champion Tyson posted a training video on his personal social media. At the end of the video, Tyson confidently said: "I'm back!" These four words were considered by boxing fans to be Tyson's comeback. Sign.

  In April, Tyson said when he participated in the recording of the show that he was actively training to return to the ring, and he might participate in four rounds of boxing charity exhibition matches afterwards.

  Tyson officially announced the end of his boxing career in 2005. In the final fight, he lost to Brad, who was 10 years younger than himself, and he bid farewell to boxing.

  Both Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are experienced boxers. Tyson has played 58 games in his career, 55 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws, of which 44 knockouts won. Among the few losses, he is the most impressive. The loss to Holyfield. Roy Jones Jr. played 75 games, 66 wins and 9 losses, 47 of which knocked down opponents.

  Although they are all champions with impressive records, Tyson's last official competition dates back to June 2005. Rival Roy Jones Jr. left the ring in February 2018, and a comparison with Tyson is considered a comeback battle.

  After learning about it, Xu Can, the professional boxing champion from China, said: "I'm so excited to cry! In the rest of your life, you can still see gods fighting, how can you not love boxing!" (End)