Onshore boy Cambridge Asuka 10 seconds 22 Response to demodulation July 24 18:40


With the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics being a year away, Cambridge Asuka, a short-distance runner, has won the tournament record of 10 seconds 22 and won the championship at 100 meters of the tournament in which he participated as the first match of the season.

The Tokyo Championships for Athletics was held without a spectator on the second day of the 24th, and the 100-meter men's athlete was Cambridge, who won the silver medal in the 400-meter men's relay of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Cambridge, who marked the tournament record in the qualifying on the 23rd, was the first race on the 24th, and in the semi-final, which was the first race on the 24th, with a headwind of 0.3 meters, he set a record of 0.03, which was 10.26, and finished in the overall top. Proceeded to.

In the final, the headwind was 0.8 meters, and the conditions were even more severe. After the start of the task, the race went smoothly, and in the latter half of our strength, we left the other players wide to finish at the top. The time was 10 seconds 22 by further shortening the record set in the semifinals by 0 seconds 04.

It has been said that Cambridge had a personal best of 10 seconds 08 and was close to the 9 seconds range, but in the last season he was unable to run due to poor conditions.

Looking back on the two-day race, which was the first match of the season, Cambridge player said, "I'm glad I could win three races. I felt my own shape little by little and felt a good response." ..

Based on the fact that the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year, was originally on the 24th, he said, "I hope everyone will be positive about next year's Olympics."