Data map: June 20, Dongguan, Guangdong, the first stage of the 19/20 CBA semifinals, Guangdong Hongyuan Vs Shanxi Fenjiu. Image source: Visual China

  China News Service Client Beijing, July 24th (Li Heyuechuan) After months of being "frozen" by the sudden epidemic, the temperature of Chinese sports is gradually recovering. As the two major domestic professional leagues, while the CBA is about to enter the playoffs, the Chinese Super League also plans to restart this weekend. With strong guarantee and support, sports elements are gradually returning to daily life. But at the same time, facing the challenges posed by the epidemic, this enthusiastic sway is still cautious and restrained.

  On June 20, the CBA League, which was interrupted by the epidemic for 151 days, officially restarted, becoming the first major national sporting event to restart since the outbreak. July 24th is the fourth from last match day of the second stage of the CBA rematch. In the past 33 days, the restarted CBA league has safely played a total of 144 games including the first stage.

  Next week, CBA will enter a more exciting and intense playoffs. By then, not only the intensity of the competition, but the integrity of the CBA will also continue to improve.

Data map: Yao Ming watched the CBA after the rematch. Image source: Visual China

  In the previous rematch plan, the CBA league was played in an empty field. With the smooth running of the two-stage game, the long-awaited topic of "live watching" has finally been officially put on the agenda.

  Before the end of the first stage of the semifinals, Academician Zhong Nanshan was invited to watch the CBA live. When Yao Ming asked when the audience could return to the stadium to watch the game, Zhong Nanshan thought that this would require a process, but he said that he looked forward to the CBA finals to have spectators enter the field.

  With the efforts of all parties, this expectation was finally realized ahead of schedule. On the 23rd, the CBA League officially announced that the CBA playoffs of the Japanese season will officially start on July 31. At that time, fans can go to the stadium in Qingdao to watch the game. This undoubtedly ignited more enthusiasm for the recovery of Chinese sports.

  Of course, all this must be done in an orderly manner on the basis of full compliance with the epidemic prevention regulations. For example, the CBA emphasized that the online real-name ticket purchase system is implemented for this ticket sales, and fans who watch the game must be at least 12 years old and hold a certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours. At the same time, the venue will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements such as controlling attendance, audience seating intervals of one meter, and temperature detection before entering the venue.

  While the CBA is reopening its doors to the audience, the upcoming Chinese Super League indicates that Chinese sports have taken another solid step on the road to continuous recovery.

Yao Ming asked Academician Zhong Nanshan questions on the spot.

  The Chinese Football Association announced earlier this month that the 2020 Chinese Super League will be held on July 25 in Suzhou and Dalian respectively. In other words, Chinese Sports will usher in the long-lost "football overlap" match day on the 25th. Considering that the previous sports events were completely suspended due to the epidemic, this is undoubtedly a significant time node in the course of China's sports "anti-epidemic".

  To this end, the organizers of the two major leagues and related parties have made great efforts to formulate comprehensive policies and create a safe competition environment.

  Take the Chinese Super League semifinals as an example. According to media reports, the Chinese Football Association had previously reported two plans to the General Administration of Sports, but they failed to pass. Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, also said that the Chinese Football Association has been constantly optimizing and comparing the league restart plans, and constantly communicating with clubs.

  After several polishing and refinement, the Chinese Football Association's rematch plan was approved and the Chinese Super League was able to return.

Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan. Photo courtesy of China Super League

  At the beginning of the restart of the CBA, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, said more than once that "epidemic prevention is the top priority." To this end, the Chinese Basketball Association hired academician Zhong Nanshan and other experts to guide and formulate epidemic prevention measures and management regulations. After the rematch, the CBA officials held a "zero tolerance" attitude towards violations. Players such as Zhao Rui and Guo Ailun were warned and punished for violating epidemic prevention regulations.

  Coincidentally, Qi Jun, head of the epidemic prevention team of the Chinese Football Association's professional league, said that epidemic prevention is not only a top priority, but also an important symbol of the success of the Chinese Super League. Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, emphasized that the most stringent epidemic prevention measures must be taken to ensure the healthy and orderly progress of the league.

Photo courtesy of Qi Jun, leader of the epidemic prevention team of the Chinese Football Association Professional League

  Based on this, in accordance with the national epidemic prevention policy and the epidemic prevention requirements of the General Administration of Sports, the Chinese Football Association has solicited the opinions of a number of epidemic prevention experts, including Professor Zhang Wenhong, and decided to change the first stage of the game to a competition system and the game will be held empty. According to the final version of the "Chinese Football Association Professional League Epidemic Prevention and Control Guide", teams and players may be disqualified due to a violation of discipline.

  The long-lost "football overlap" match day shows the positive trend of continuous recovery of Chinese sports; and the large amount of preliminary work and strict anti-epidemic regulations show that the return of professional sports is not a blind advance, but a strong guarantee and Orderly unfolded under support.

  On the premise of a cautious attitude, following the pace of CBA and the Super League, related events under China Volleyball will also be restarted. Facing a full recovery, China's professional sports is advancing step by step.

Guoping has assembled in Hainan to prepare. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Zhongju

  Corresponding to the recovery of professional sports is the warming up of mass sports.

  As the domestic epidemic has stabilized, public fitness venues in many parts of the country have been "lifted" from a few months ago, sports venues have recovered their popularity, and sports enthusiasts have returned. As time progresses, sports is gradually regaining its former role in popular life.  

  Take Beijing as an example. After the epidemic stabilized, Beijing lowered its emergency response level on the 19th of this month. On the 21st, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports issued a notice that various sports and fitness venues in the city will resume open operations, various sports events will be carried out normally, and low-risk areas will be allowed to host sports events with less than 500 people. Before Beijing, many places have resumed competitions in an orderly manner based on actual conditions and opened sports and fitness venues to the public.  

  For sports enthusiasts, whether they are exercising outdoors or indoors, the string of epidemic prevention must be tightened at all times. Scientific exercise must always be put in the first place under the premise of good protection. On the other hand, in addition to reasonable guidance, site management personnel also need to do regular disinfection work to ensure the orderly fitness of the masses.

  Data map: Jinan citizens dance sword exercises in Daming Lake Scenic Area. Starting at 0:00 on May 6, the provincial secondary response to major public health emergencies in Shandong was adjusted to a tertiary response. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yong      

  It can be seen from this that, while gradually releasing the enthusiasm that has been accumulated for a long time, Chinese sports also always uphold a cautious attitude and grasp the scale. This is also reflected in the "Scientific and Orderly Resumption of Sports Events and Activities to Promote the Resumption of Work and Production in the Sports Industry" issued by the State Sports General Administration in early July.  

  The "Plan" puts forward clear requirements for the resumption of professional leagues, and points out that measures such as changing the way of matches and empty matches will be adopted to restart professional sports events such as the Chinese Football Association Super League in accordance with the requirements of "one event, one plan". At the same time, it is required that, in principle, no other international sports events and activities will be held this year except for important events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics test competition.

  For national fitness, the "Plan" stipulates that in principle, middle and high-level areas will not hold sports events and mass national fitness activities for the time being, and risk areas will actively and orderly resume sports events and activities under certain specific requirements.

  In this way, in the process of active recovery of Chinese sports, prudent and cautious runs through the whole process, which demonstrates its due responsibility and responsibility.

Data map: At the Wuchang bridgehead of the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, citizens are doing square dancing for fitness. With the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the daily lives of Wuhan citizens are gradually recovering. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Chang

  At the beginning of the epidemic, home fitness became an important way for people fighting the epidemic at home to maintain their health and adjust their mood; now, the rematch of competitive sports and the "return" of mass sports have also become an important manifestation of the results of the "war against the epidemic".

  With a scientific spirit and a prudent attitude, Chinese sports is returning steadily. (Finish)