• Chronicle: Marc Márquez breaks his shoulder and puts his World Cup in danger

His mechanics had already returned to their homes and the material from his garage was already stored in boxes in Jerez waiting to be sent to Brno. How to imagine that he could return for the second race on the Andalusian circuit? They are the things of Marc Márquez . Less than four days after destroying his right shoulder in the first round of the MotoGP World Championship, the reigning champion returns this Thursday morning to the same circuit to try to contest the second.

According to sources from his team, the Repsol Honda, his environment wanted to dissuade him, to convince him to wait for the third appointment of the year in Brno, but the pilot insisted on running. Waiting for the championship doctors to decree him fit, Márquez will seek the impossible to everyone's surprise.

Even from himself. In fact, hours after the accident, throughout Sunday, the Spanish pilot thought that his 2020 was already over. Before sedation, the pain he felt was more intense than ever and he assumed it came from the radial nerve, which would take months to regain strength in the area. "He knows that this time he has really hurt himself and he is not optimistic," his brother Álex acknowledged in an atmosphere of sadness. But everything changed on Monday.

When the painkillers were reduced before his flight to Barcelona, ​​Márquez discovered that the damage was more bearable than he thought, and the first explorations at the Quirón Dexeus Hospital by Dr. Xavier Mir , his lifelong trauma doctor , indicated that the nerve was not was affected, that only the humerus had to be rebuilt.

Let's do it. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the current MotoGP champion went through the operating room, it was confirmed that the nerve was intact, the reconstruction ended without problems and on Wednesday, the day he already did his first rehabilitation session, he woke up with an idea: What if I run this Sunday in Jerez? The first time he verbalized his idea, his surroundings thought he was joking, then they wanted to dissuade him and in the end they had no choice but to buy the tickets.

This Thursday at noon he will arrive at the Jerez circuit, on Friday he will get on his Honda, just 72 hours after having undergone surgery for a complete fracture of the humerus, and at that moment, he will decide whether to continue with the shoulder. If he does, the championship doctors, including Mir himself, will do an exam on Saturday, assess and decide if he is putting his life in danger or not. If they give him the go-ahead, on Sunday (14.00, DAZN) he could score a few points or even, who knows, fight for the podium or victory. They are the things of Marc Márquez.

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