It is a topic that former national soccer player Jo Won-hee, who retired two years ago, returned to active duty at age 37. Now that he has opened his eyes to soccer, he joined the 2nd league Suwon FC.

Reporter Ha Sung-ryong.


Cho Won-hee, who announced his return to active duty as Suwon FC's'playing coach', joined the team's first training.

I was sweating together, advising my juniors.

[Cho Won-hee/Suwon FC Playing Coach: I think I had a thirst (for soccer). (Personal training) I want to be a player again, and I think there was a pity.]

Won-Hee Cho is the prince of Advocaat and is a veteran defender who has even experienced the 2006 Germany World Cup.

He played 291 games in the K-League and experienced the Premier League and the Chinese stage.

After retiring from Suwon Samsung two years ago, he continued his passion for soccer by playing with active players through YouTube broadcasting.

We have also maintained a strong body by steadily taking care of our bodies, and we drew attention with our rust-free skills by playing one-on-one with active players.

[Koo Ja-cheol: Acknowledging defeat, it's too freaking Why did you retire?]

[Cho Won-hee: Retired and opened my eyes to soccer.]

[Cho Won-hee/Suwon FC playing coach: (Retired) The seniors said that when soccer retired, their eyes opened, but I also played a lot. I must show you.]

Cho Won-hee pledged to lead Suwon FC in the second division and return to the first league next year.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-ki, Video editing: Kim Byeong-jik)