Niccolò Zanardi, Alex Zanardi's son, is confident that his father will recover from last month's serious accident. The former Formula 1 driver sustained serious head injuries, but is not in mortal danger.

"My father will make it, that's for sure. He will make it this time too. And someday we'll talk about it. With me and my kids. I have faith in it and so does my mother," Niccolò Zanardi told Wednesday the Corriere della Sera .

"There are encouraging signs. He's recovering much faster than the doctors expected. But it should come as no surprise: that's my dad. The man's energy is incredible. His strength is extraordinary."

Zanardi was released from the hospital on Tuesday and transferred to a clinic for further rehabilitation. He was released from his artificial coma last week, which he had been in since the accident on June 19.

"We are a long way away"

Zanardi ended up in hospital on June 19 after being hit by a truck on a handbike ride. For some time his life was feared, but after three major operations he recovered.

"He is not yet conscious and it is still unclear whether he will regain his eyesight. But what really matters is knowing whether we can communicate with him. We are going a long way, but finally it is going uphill," says Niccolò Zanardi.

Zanardi raced in Formula 1 from 1991 to 1994 and in 1999. In 2001, his legs had to be amputated after a crash in Germany. The 53-year-old Italian has been successful as a hand biker in recent years. He twice won gold at the Paralympic Games in London in 2012 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.