At the National Assembly hearing on the death of a late Choi Sook-hyun, a member of the Future Unification Party, Lee Yong-hye, today (22nd), revealed some of the diary Choi wrote in his lifetime.

In the diary, Choi Sook-hyun asked under the question, ``Who is my enemy,'' and ``Who is the most insane person I know?'' I wrote the name of the name and wrote, "This question is the same answer a hundred times."

"In addition to the perpetrators identified to date, there were more perpetrators. The impact of the coach within the triathlon team at Gyeongju City Hall was that much," he said.

On the sixth, Kim Do-hwan, who denied the allegations of assault at the entire assembly of the literary body of the National Assembly, admitted and apologized for wrongdoing in the parliament again on the 16th.

Player Kim Do-hwan said, "I didn't want to reveal the fault of the director (Kyu Kyu-bong), who had been together for a long time (on the 6th day), and I didn't want to reveal my fault. "I'm really sorry. Now that's true. I will see you and tell you."

Kim admitted to his assault, saying, “(At the time of the 2016 New Zealand battery training), during the athletics training, Choi Sook-hyun hit the back because he was blocking me.” "I also have an enemy."

"I was assaulted by coach Gyu-Bong Kim since I was a middle school student. I caught a cigarette and hit 100 with a baseball bat," said Kim Do-Hwan, and also revealed that he was assaulted. "I sent it," he said.