IOC Watanabe Committee New Corona Countermeasures “Repeat Findings at Test Competition” July 22, 19:53

IOC = Chairman of the International Gymnastics Federation, Morinari Watanabe, who serves as a member of the International Olympic Committee, will be able to collect more knowledge by repeating test competitions and other measures regarding the new measures against the new coronavirus of the Tokyo Olympics in response to an NHK interview. I pointed out that it is important.

One year before the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed due to the effect of the new coronavirus, was a year before the Japanese IOC member, Chairman of the International Gymnastics Federation, Watanabe, responded to an independent interview with NHK.

Mr. Watanabe pointed out that "10 out of 100 have not made progress" regarding the progress of the new coronavirus countermeasures, which is the biggest issue at the Tokyo Games.

On top of that, he said, "It is important to gather simulations in the form of spectators in more competitions following professional baseball and J-League, and there is no choice but to collect knowledge. Otherwise, it will not reach the Olympics." , Said that we should repeat the competition with audience while taking antivirus measures and continue to consider.

Mr. Watanabe said, "As gymnastics, we can reduce the number of spectators to hold the Olympics, and in the worst case, there are no spectators." Of course, as Bach said, nobody wants an unseen audience, so I'd like to consider how to create an environment that everyone can see safely.” It was.

In addition, Chairman Watanabe said that in the opinion poll of NHK that 66% of the opinion that it will be postponed or canceled for the Olympics next July accounted for 66%, "The most anxious factor is that no information comes in. Even if only the good parts are disclosed, everyone will be skeptical, so the Organizing Committee and others will be proactive about the good and bad parts of corona measures and plans for safe tournament operation. We believe that public information will gain the support of the public."