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"Promotions, decreases, but nobody asks about how we are or about our families." From the fifth floor of the NH Finisterre hotel , a member of the Fuenlabrada expedition ventures over the phone with a journalist who is waiting downstairs, at the gates, along with half a dozen reporters and cameras. The Madrid team was in the center of the informative volcano of the day, guilty for some for having flown to La Coruña with the threat of the virus. They say that they have enough, with many contagions in the squad and little empathy from the other clubs. Of the few calls, one struck a chord with them. It was that of Carlos Lariño, head of Deportivo's medical services. From the great affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus in the League, they offered assistance to the confined group.

Lariño knew that his rival was without a doctor, stranded in the capital after testing positive on Sunday. Juan Manuel Blanco , after alternating for months his work at the San Rafael hospital with the management of the Madrid club, finally fell infected. In this same newspaper he reviewed in an interview the nightmare lived in March and April, with more faith than media in the fight against the virus. "My first EPI suit was a Real Madrid raincoat," he recalled to illustrate the famine that health workers had suffered in the pandemic. Asymptomatic like the rest of his players, he spent contact with them on Tuesday.

Soccer and its interests, with as much at stake as it is the ascent or the descent of category. In the second block is the city team that on Tuesday looked askance at the Fuenlabrada hotel, between sadness at the collapse of Deportivo a Segunda B and outrage at the viral outbreak that the visiting club had brought to their homeland. On Calle Real, the blue and white painting shop was hanging out with hardly any public, with its impeccable shirt in the window. If the fall into the well is confirmed, it will be difficult to find throughout Europe a shield of such dimensions in such depth. By history, subscribers, stadium, sentimental bond ... The Riazor field and its surrounding bars looked at each other with the same silence that floated throughout the Galician city, withered by the misfortune of their team and half gas from the tremors of the pandemic. Few tourists and many neighbors on the run, on their way to the desired vacation.

"There was room"

If there is a fan accustomed to the end of tachycardia it is the sportswoman, but the resolution on Monday night exceeded the imagination of the most cruel screenwriter. He found himself at midnight in Segunda B, without even being able to go out on the pitch to fight because of the contamination of his opponent. The penalty missed by Djukic to lose the 1994 League is a pain not alleviated in La Coruña or for the 2000 title, but the fact of this descent from the hall exceeds the dramatic and almost enters the dimension of the sainete.

"It should have been suspended for a few days. There was a margin, ”they whisper from the Riazor club, between shock and administrative hope. On the terraces of the General Azcárraga square, 100 meters from the Fuenlabrada hotel, nothing else is said. "But how did they let them travel?" , asked a girl to his partner, while reviewing the press. At three in the afternoon, the sun was barely chopping in western Spain, with the semi-empty beaches and noiseless bars in July. The Finisterre only had animation at the entrance, because of the media. A clueless tourist understood that something was happening when he arrived with his suitcases and saw the deployment of cables and spotlights. The previous afternoon more than one packed, without responding to requests for calm from the Galician health authorities. In their quest to maintain the security of the accommodation, they isolated a plant to carry out the PCR tests (two, one from the League and the other from the Xunta) to the members of the Fuenlabrada expedition.

Those who had tested positive the day before passed the test in their rooms. And the rest could only come out for the exam. Nothing else. "The views are not bad, at least," said an employee of the team leaning out the window. The pool and gym didn't have much movement. On the right, the ships of the Real Club Náutico , and further back the streets that end in María Pita, the mother square of La Coruña and a place where the successes of Deportivo are celebrated.

The EPI suits were not lacking in the corridors of the Finisterre. "Are you afraid?" A Galician nurse asked one of the team members, before sticking the PCR stick in his nose. "And you?" Replied the latter. The uncertainty of the inmates improved when the rumor reached the hotel that the morning tests had gone well. That there were no new infected . Still, the concern did not go away. "And what about our families?" They wondered, at the risk that the virus had seeped into their homes. The coach, José Ramón Sandoval, spent the day cheering for his boys. He knows what he's talking about. In March he fell ill. Yesterday I took care of theirs without knowing when they can return to Madrid.

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