The Swedish Olympic Committee's new initiative "The Dream Project" includes the creation of the group Team Sweden. The group consists of eight Olympians led by Olympic gold medalist Jenny Rissveds, three Paralympics led by gold medalist Anna-Carin Ahlqvist, and the so-called legends Jörgen Persson and Lotta Schelin.

The members of Team Sweden will be involved in the collaboration around the Swedish elite athletes' clothes in the upcoming Olympics, but above all participate in events to inspire Swedish youth.

- The goal of the project linked to young people is to get over 20,000 children and young people who today do not have a regular activity in sports to get it. The figures we have in Sweden when it comes to children and young people show that there is a great interest in sports, but that the activity is declining, and we want to help those figures turn around, says Peter Reinebo to SVT Sport.