• Soccer: Deportivo is the 'pupas': from the fire in Riazor, to the penalty of Djukic and a descent to 2nd B without playing

In the NH Finisterre , behind the Riazor beach , the Fuenlabrada players look out the window at the Club Náutico de La Coruña , views that they will memorize in the coming days. They are in quarantine waiting for the health authorities to mark their next agenda. It will largely depend on the results of the tests that have been carried out this Tuesday morning .

In the absence of what the PCR say, at least seven members of the squad , between players and the coaching staff know that they are infected. That is why his momentous last league match against Deportivo was suspended yesterday and that is why the Second Division of Spanish football is currently upside down. After the Madrid club's expedition landed yesterday, it became known that the tests they had passed in the morning had bad news.

The questions asked today in La Coruña, which ended the day with his team relegated to Segunda B without even jumping onto the pitch to play, is how Fuenlabrada could fly with the infected . " The protocol ", they respond in the modest team in the south of the capital. The protocol of the League forced them to continue with their travel plan.

The alert jumped on Sunday in the medical corps when checking the results of one of the mandatory tests that all the squads must perform 48 hours after each game. Four irregular cases emerged . That is, doubtful. On Saturday they had another one like it. The same thing happened, weeks ago, to the Real Madrid player Vinícius , away from a couple of training sessions until the diffuse test gave a clear negative.

In the case of Fuenlabrada, the next check was before taking the plane to Galicia, with no time to wait for the results, which they would already know in La Coruña. The players who gave an undecided result stayed at home, but not the others. There appears one of the gaps in the protocol of the League.

It is a risk that a club moves to another city without being clear about its viral photograph at the time. Especially when it comes to a treacherous disease, which takes time to manifest itself. Upon stepping on land, seven clear positives emerged. And today, after sharing the plane, bus and hotel staff yesterday, another number of them is expected.

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