, July 21. A few days ago, the 10 candidates for the 2020 Golden Football Awards were announced. They are Messi, Ronaldo, Chiellini, Salah, Ramos, Lewand, Aguero, and Pique. , Neymar and Vidal.

Screenshot of the official website of the Golden Football Awards.

  The Golden Football Award selection started in 2003. It is a lifetime achievement award for football players who are over 29 years old and have made outstanding achievements in the football field. The winner of this award can leave their footprints on Monaco's "Champions Avenue", and a player can only win the Golden Foot Award once. This year, the age standard for participation has been reduced to at least 28 years old.

  It is understood that the sponsors of the Golden Football Awards have 18 football media partners all over the world. These 18 football media select 10 candidates each year, and the fans select the Golden Football Awards by voting on the official website of the Golden Football Awards. Winner.

  Last year, Modric won this award. Previously, the award winners also included: Baggio (2003), Nedved (2004), Shevchenko (2005), Ronaldo (2006), Piero (2007), Carlos (2008), Rona Erdinho (2009), Totti (2010), Giggs (2011), Ibrahimovic (2012), Drogba (2013), Iniesta (2014), Eto'o (2015), Bu Feng (2016), Casillas (2017), Cavani (2018). (Finish)