Roger Schmidt thinks the preparation for the Eredivisie season is long enough to allow PSV players to get used to his demanding way of playing. The German trainer also wants to put plenty of pressure in Eindhoven.

In the Netherlands, Schmidt is best known as the Red Bull Salzburg coach who showed Frank de Boer's Ajax in every corner of the field in 2014. In Amsterdam, the Austrians led 0-3 after 35 minutes and in the return Ajax was outclassed by Schmidt's team: 3-1.

"It is already six years ago," said Schmidt on Monday at his first press conference as a trainer of PSV. "But we played those games very well and I want to show many of those elements here in Eindhoven."

Red Bull Salzburg celebrates the 0-3 victory in Amsterdam over Ajax. (Photo: Pro Shots)

'Game PSV will not be 100 percent copy of Salzburg'

Salzburg surprised Ajax at the time by chasing the team all over the field and not giving a second rest. "I believe in this style, with high intensity, quick position changes, pressing and gene pressing ," Schmidt said. "We will also see all these things at PSV. Without these elements I think you cannot play football successfully."

Schmidt talks about "my conviction" when he talks about his tactical playing plan. "With this style you can reduce the influence of chance and luck and the probability of winning matches increases."

"The game at PSV will not be 100 percent a copy of Salzburg's. It is a different team and a different time. In the meantime, I have also got new thoughts. You also develop every season as a trainer."

PSV coach Roger Schmidt. (Photo: Pro Shots)

'Eight weeks of hard work should be enough'

Schmidt recently released the book Das Buch eines Trainers , in which he put his football philosophy on paper. The 53-year-old German writes, among other things, that the players at his previous club - the Chinese Beijing Sinobo Guoan - had mastered his playing method within a week.

"But there is still a difference whether a team can play a match or for a longer period of time," the new trainer of PSV nuanced. "We now have an eight week preparation before the competition starts. We are going to work very hard in this and that should be long enough."

Timo Baumgartl, on Monday at the PSV training. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Baumgartl: 'It was often 4-3 or 5-4 against Schmidt'

On Monday at the first training session at De Herdgang, the PSV selection immediately got a good idea of ​​what Schmidt is planning. The practice session lasted no less than two hours and fifteen minutes and the trainer let his players chase through the goalkeeper in a game of seven against seven.

German defender Timo Baumgartl already had heavy legs after that first training. "But I expect that we will train much harder in the coming weeks."

"As a team we will have to work very hard to get his tactics in our heads. And we will have to be in top condition to be able to chase the opponent."

Baumgartl already knows Schmidt from their joint time in the Bundesliga. "They were always great games, often it was 4-3 or 5-4. I am happy that Schmidt is now with PSV. He is a good trainer."