The Egyptian lawyer, Samir Sabry, presented a new communication to the Attorney General against the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club Mortada Mansour, but this time not because of the sport and the successive crises of the recent period with the traditional rival Al-Ahly Club, but the reason is the presence of structural violations in the club's villa in Marina.

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor had received a number of communications against the President of Zamalek Club, the last of which was from Mahmoud Al-Khatib due to the abusive video that was circulated, in addition to a previous number of previous reports and requested that the immunity of the President be lifted because of his presence in the Egyptian Parliament in order to be subject to investigation.

According to the Egyptian "Cairo 24" website, Sabri said in his communication that "the state's policies and directives of the President of the Republic towards controlling illegal properties in order to prevent the spread of this phenomenon that has pervaded the country, and based on the principle of equality between people, the amount against him is inevitable by the immunity that he enjoys as a member of the Council Deputies. "

The Egyptian lawyer continued: “The immunity” is the curtain in which he is hidden to do whatever he wants and no one can deter him and he remains above the law, hitting the width of the wall, not interested in its provisions, which are equally among all, so that the question that worries the millions remains to protect Mortada Mansour ?, The sum against it is Murtada Mansour, who owns Villa No. 63, unique model 6, District 22, Marina North Coast.

The report continued: "An order was issued to remove the violating work in the villa, but the amount against him resumed the violating work, after notification to him from the Tourist Villages Authority that he had violated the license issued to him No. 2243 on February 7, 2010, but he violated the license and resumed the business and did not Taking into account the requirements stated therein or obeying the correctness of the law, then Decision No. 7 was issued on 7/21/2010 to suspend the works and a violation record was issued on 7/15/2010 and it was sent to the competent prosecution in order to take the legally necessary, and that these violations included the number of 17 violations of building requirements And the license issued to him, and this was done in order to comply with the law, and a record of those violations was sent to the police to take the necessary, but the amount against them the second and the third governor of Alexandria, the director of Alexandria security did not move a finger towards those violations for more than 10 years for fear of the amount against him first and gross negligence of what it imposes They have their job duties. "

In his communication, Attorney Samir Sabry called on "we seek to issue an order to take legal measures to lift the immunity of MP Mortada Mansour, a member of Parliament, to investigate the following report."

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