The pre-season training has already given results for Frida Karlsson. During the summer, she beat national team colleague Ebba Andersson's record time at the Hallstatest, a legendary fitness test among cross-country skiers.

In an interview with Expressen, Frida Karlsson's coach Per Nilsson now says that the training is going well, but that it is also a matter of holding back for this season.

- Now we have been driving for 4.5 months but there are five months left until the start of the competition so you have to be attentive all the time. Exercise well and not be too hot on the porridge but not be too passive either. Balance and "monitoring" what you do has been key words this year.

Can you stop her sometimes if she's too eager?

- So it is with all these who are good, Ebba and Frida and all of them. They have such self-drive so it is a big role as a coach to make sure to put in the right amount, says Nilsson.

Exercising with boyfriend

Since the corona virus took a firm hold on the world, the national teams have not had any joint training. Frida Karlsson and the other national team skiers have trained on their own and for Karlsson's part, several of the sessions have been run together with her boyfriend William Poromaa.

- He is stronger but not much stronger. They get to help each other with air resistance and stuff. If they run or go roller skiing, she can almost keep up, so I think that has been good, says Nilsson.

REPORTAGE: At home with Frida Karlsson (June 7, 2020)

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At home: Frida Karlsson Photo: SVT