Zamalek club board chairman Mortada Mansour responded to the idea of ​​establishing a 1/6 program proposed on Al-Ahly’s channel with a major attack on Al-Ahly club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib, in which the Zamalek president ignited the crisis again due to the recent reports submitted due to the offensive video of Al-Ahly and Mahmoud Kahraba.

The past days had witnessed several crises between the two poles, and the Egyptian Public Prosecutor and the Council of Ministers reached many communications between the two parties, with a promise from the Egyptian Prime Minister to a near solution to reconciliation, but at the appropriate time.

Mortada Mansour said in statements on Al-Zamalek channel: "The public prosecutor will not leave this matter to pass if I am a liar, and if I claim any wrong word they lie to me, and there are cases that are reported on the table of the public prosecutor against Abdel Nasser Zidan, Mamdouh Abbas and others. Mahmoud Khatib is the one who posted the video Fabricated on the page of the person named Ibrahim Madbouly who works with Kahraba (Al-Ahly player).

The President of Zamalek continued: "Al-Ahly has had a channel for 12 years and they will not shake a hair from our head while we are within 4 months (our heart is all of Egypt), and that I do not stand in the position of defending himself, but I can attack countries, if Al-Ahly wants to do a program called 1/6 We will make a program called (Watchmaker) and it will start with a song, "Hours of Hours".

He added: "Some people said that I held the meeting because I am in a shaky position and that the state imposed on me this for the best of my position. I swear to God, no one spoke to me, and no one from the state dared tell me to hold a conference or not. Khatib knows that the video is fabricated, and I swear to God that it is It knows very well and the evidence is that you did not sue the video posting, it is an open game but playing with fire will ignite the country. "

Murtada Mansour continued: "I am not afraid of any investigations and I am a member of Parliament, and al-Khatib wants to issue statements and reports to show that he (he) is because he sees me establishing another branch and opened the issue of the Century Club and started building a stadium and he does nothing."

Then the president of Zamalek Club went to the technical advisor to Zamalek, Farouk Jaafar, saying: “Oh Farouk Jaafar ,, Khatib is not a legend. There is no legend to make you up. From Khaled Al-Ghandour, because he took the lead. We finished the Al-Qarn Club.

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