The Grand Prix of Hungary is scheduled for this weekend in Mogyoród. Lennert Eijke, meteorologist at Weerplaza, will update you on the weather forecast on the Hungaroring.

Just like in the Netherlands, it is currently quite changeable summer weather in Hungary. One moment it is dry and there are heavy periods with sun, and the other moment some showers are drifting.

Friday, when the first two free practice sessions are held, a precipitation area will migrate from west to east across Hungary. It is especially wet in the morning. It clears up in the afternoon, but there may still be some precipitation. It doesn't get warmer than 18 degrees in the rain; when the sun breaks through, it becomes 20 or 21 degrees.

On Saturday, when the qualification is held, it is a lot warmer. The sun is shining through the cumulus clouds and it will be 25 or 26 degrees. However, in the afternoon a single cumulus cloud can grow into a rain or thunderstorm, also above the track. The chance is quite small, but we cannot rule it out.

Sunday chance of heavy thunderstorms

On Sunday, when the race is held, the chance of a rain or thunderstorm is much higher than during qualifying. The day starts pretty sunny in Hungary, but during the day the cumulus clouds are getting bigger and locally they grow into heavy rain and thunderstorms.

The showers are therefore local, making it difficult for now to estimate where and how much precipitation will fall. So it can sometimes be a race with varying conditions. The temperature rises to 25 to 27 degrees, but during a shower it is significantly cooler.

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