Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane reacted skittishly on Wednesday to questions about Gareth Bale's future at the club. The Frenchman clearly showed that he did not feel like riots in the run-up to Thursday's championship match.

"What a question," sighed the coach, after being asked if Bale still has a future in Madrid. "Gareth is one of us. You are trying to drive us apart, but you are not going to succeed. We all want the same thing and that includes James Rodríguez."

Just like Bale, the Colombian has little insight into playing minutes at the 'Royal'. Where Bale sometimes comes into action since the resumption after the corona interruption, Rodríguez has not played at his own request.

The past five games also left Bale without playing minutes, although that did not mean that the Welshman was left out of the picture. For example, he was picked up by the cameras during the duel with Alaves, after pulling his face mask over his eyes in the stands and pretending to be asleep.

Gareth Bale is especially notable for his behavior in the stands. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"Think fans are proud"

Zidane didn't want to talk about incidents like that on Wednesday. He preferred to look ahead to Thursday's game against Villarreal (kick-off at 9 p.m.). In a win, Real is the national champion for the 34th time.

"We focus all our energy on that," said Zidane. "We're doing it for our fans, who can't be in our games right now. I think they are proud of the team." In any case, should Real win, the title will not be celebrated in the city center due to the corona virus.

Since the resumption, Real has not lost anymore and the deficit against FC Barcelona has been turned into a lead. Zidane already saw that it would be all right. "The players were sharp and really wanted to show something. They regularly trained extra and worked for themselves. That says everything about this team."

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