Grand Sumo Moto Sekiwaki Tochiheyama retired 18:08 on July 15th at "Kiyomigata"

At the former sumo wrestler's former Sekiwaki, Tochiheyama, who was a popular player in the Makuuchi area for a long time, has retired from active duty and will be teaching the younger generation "Kiyomigata" as a senior.

This was announced by the Japan Sumo Association on the 15th.

Tochihezan, who belongs to the Kasugano room, is 33 years old from Aki City, Kochi Prefecture. Stepped on the first ring in the first place in 2005, and in the spring place in 2007, the new entry was started in 13 places from the first ring, and after 1958, along with Motoyokozuna Takanohana, the 9th speed at that time. It was a success.

The biggest advantage is the quick wrestling that dives into the opponent's pocket from a sharp meeting and brings it into the sword, and in the autumn of 2010, I was promoted to Shin Sekiwaki.

At the summer place of 2012, which was the fourth piece in the front, we competed for the victory up to Senshugaku with 12 wins and 3 losses, and we faced the Asahi Teng Peng for the first time in the history between the flat curtains, but we were defeated and we could not win the first victory. did.

It is a rival from the elementary school days, and the first ring is the same as the former Ozeki Goei Edo, as well as the former Yokozuna Rare Village. I have raised the ring.

In the first place of the adult, I have been suffering from injuries recently, such as a large injuries in which the entire pectoralis muscle on the left side was fleshed out and a full cure was diagnosed for one month.

In March this year, in the spring place, which was held with no spectators, the team lost 10 wins in the front tenth with 3 wins and 12 losses, and had fallen to 10 cars due to the cancellation of the summer place that was canceled.

After retiring, Mt. Tochihe will be instructed for the younger generation by attacking the elderly "Kiyomigata".