Clubs and countries may also switch to official matches five times next season. The rule, which was introduced earlier this season due to the corona crisis, has been extended by one more year by rules-based committee IFAB and FIFA, the international football association reports on Wednesday.

This means that five official substitutions may be applied in all official national and international matches, including at the European Championship that has been postponed to the summer of 2021. The rule is already applied in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, among others.

The reason for the extension of the temporary rule is that many competitions have a relatively short break in the summer. As a result, players have less time to recover before the new season. In many cases, the next season also ends later.

No further adjustments are made to the rules introduced earlier this year. Teams still have three change points when the match is in progress, to keep the speed in the match. You can also change at half-time.

FIFA reports that national associations are not obliged to follow the adjustment in the rules of the game. That decision ultimately lies with the unions themselves.