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Former international Christophe Dominici sees the project he was carrying fall into the water. The takeover of the Béziers rugby club (Pro D2) by UAE investors was abandoned after a new unfavorable opinion from the National Directorate of Aid and Management Control (DNACG).

A definitive term on the soap

"We have received an arrow forcing the DNACG not to be able to give its immediate agreement and having as a first consequence not to make the necessary recruitment in time to restore to Béziers its true place in French rugby", indicates a press release published Monday by the Sotaco group, which represented UAE investors. "We are leaving sad and we know that the heart of the region is bleeding and crying ... So is ours because the magic of a project has died out today", the press release continues, putting an end to a soap opera that has been going on since mid -may.

The club with eleven titles of champion of France had long seemed ready to go under the UAE flag. But, at the end of June, the Hérault team had announced that René Bouscatel, former president of the Stade Toulouse, would become the new boss at the heart of a counter-project led by Louis-Pierre Angelotti, the main shareholder. The Bouscatel-Angelotti duo had turned around a few days later and the ASBH had entered into "exclusive negotiations" with the UAE investors.

Passion d'Ovalie refutes Sotaco's version

In the Dominici clan, we claim to have brought the necessary documents "in a very limited time since the memorandum of understanding was signed only on July 6". Insufficient for the financial gendarme who recalled the UAE file, ensuring, according to a source close to the file, not to have received enough guarantees.

The company Passion d'Ovalie, the majority shareholder of the club, reacted by being surprised that Philippe Baillard, representative of Sotaco Management, spoke of an arrow received, "whereas on the contrary of what has been reported in the press, the parties worked very hard, in perfect and totally transparent cooperation ”. The DNACG having judged the elements of solvency provided by the company Sotaco Management as insufficient, "the transfer of the club therefore did not fail by a refusal of the current shareholders or, as mentioned, by a last minute requirement, but by the mere fact prudential rules of the DNACG ”, adds Passion d'Ovalie.

The ASBH will have to pass Thursday in front of the DNACG and could risk an administrative relegation. Unless the organization is lenient because of the length of the negotiations.


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