Kiki Bertens has not gotten much wiser in terms of her form after she played another serious tennis match against Petra Kvitová on Tuesday after almost five months. However, 28-year-old Wateringe is happy to be able to play again, although she still has doubts about traveling to the United States.

"It is difficult to say how it went. Against Petra it is always so fast, and now especially on grass. The level was hard to find, but the start is there," said Bertens, who lost in two sets against Kvitová , against the NOS . "I haven't played games for so long, you can see that. I still have to get in there."

However, Bertens had no doubts about making her comeback, even if it was on the grass she did not like. "I actually only liked it, such an extra challenge. After that it can only get better."

Due to the corona crisis, the tennis season was suspended for almost five months in total, while on-court training was also canceled in many countries. "I actually couldn't do anything, so I enjoyed that for the first time. I did not play tennis for eight or nine weeks. That is also nice. But of course you miss the challenge, I am glad that it is now bit back. "

The virus also leaves its mark on the circumstances during the resumption, although Bertens sees the restart taking place in a responsible manner.

"Everyone is dealing with it as well as possible, nothing else is possible at the moment. I think you can not make it safer than this. Whether it is fun is a different story, but at least it is fun to to feel the competition element again. "

Kiki Bertens in action against Petra Kvitová during her comeback on the track. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"Right now I'm saying no to US Open"

Bertens still has doubts about participating in the US Open, the first Grand Slam tournament on the calendar since the resumption. "If the circumstances remain as they are now, I say no. If you were to return to Europe now, you would have to be quarantined for two weeks. You would miss that time on the job again."

"At the moment it is not yet safe enough to go to America, but that could just change again. So we just wait and keep following the news, then we will make a final decision later."

In any case, her position in the world rankings does not affect Bertens in the choice of tournaments for the rest of the year.

"You can go see where you can get the most points, but then it must be safe. Safety is the most important factor. I have completely let go of that ranking at the moment."

The start of the US Open is tentatively scheduled for August 31.