Coach Kim Mo, who was permanently dismissed from the Korean Triathlon Association for alleged assault and verbal abuse by late Choi Sook-hyun, and athlete A, a core player, and athlete B, who had been suspended for 10 years, were sent to the Korea Sports Council I have applied for a review.

The last suspect who filed for retrial was Kim Mo, the triathlon of the Gyeongju City Hall.

Director Kim sent an e-mail request to the Korea Sports Council on the late afternoon of the 14th.

The Korea Sports Association explained, "If you apply today, you can request a reconsideration."

Core player A and senior male B submitted requests for reconsideration to the Sports Council Fair earlier than coach Kim.

Players' requests for reconsideration were expected.

Player A strongly denied the allegations, and Player B apologized to the survivors, but it was known that the suspension for 10 years was considered excessive discipline.

To Kim, who only admitted to neglecting'prevention of management,' there was an opinion that he would not "request for reconsideration," but Kim sent an application before the deadline for retrial.

The survivor of the late Choi Sook-hyun said, "Isn't that why they are not reflecting on their sins?"

Athletes or leaders who have been disciplined by the FTC's member sport organization's fair committee may request a reconsideration with the FTC within seven days of being notified of the discipline.

The Korean Triathlon Association decided to permanently expel Kim and A after a 7-hour marathon discussion held on the 6th of the last six days after the late Choi Sook-hyun, a high school player, went to the world.

He also disciplined Player B for ten years of suspension.

The three of them strongly denied allegations of harsh acts, including assaults against deceased persons at the FTC.

However, the FTC decided the highest level of disciplinary action, considering the deceased's death statement and the statements of other victims as a whole, considering the severity of the allegations.

The Korea Sports Association is planning to hold a fair committee within this month considering the seriousness of the matter.