The expanded national team list, which was announced the day before yesterday, raised several question marks at the sports street, due to the high life expectancy of most players, as there is a large group of players over 30 years of age, in addition to the absence of a large number of them from last season's matches due to injury And, in contrast, the list did not witness players shining in the league championship, and they were found in the last gathering with the previous coach in the list that he had prepared, but they did not gather because of the Corona virus before stopping.

The Football Association announced the expanded white list, and it included 36 players in the framework of the national team's preparation for the first gathering for the next preparation stage scheduled from 22 to 27 this month, to be announced three days before the start of the rally, under the leadership of Colombian Jorge Luis Pinto, in preparation for the joint qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup finals scheduled for October and November, as the program includes medical examinations and physical preparation for players.

The list sparked controversy, as it included 15 players over the age of 30, the oldest of whom is Al Ain Ismail Ahmed (37 years old), who has been away from the team for a while, in addition to the presence of a number of injured players in the last league matches in the second round, or were absent from their teams, and in On the other hand, the list witnessed the absence of the most important goalkeeper in numbers. The canceled season, Al-Dhafra goalkeeper Khaled Al-Sanani, the goalkeeper's most dangerous response, and climbed his team to the final of the President’s Cup.

Two consecutive seasons, and Al Ahly youth goalkeeper Majid Nasser, the least-goal keeper in the league, as well as Khaled Bawazir, the owner of the most expensive transfer deal so far in the winter transfer period from Al Dhafra to Sharjah, where Al Dhafra set an amount of 30 million dirhams to dispense with.

The former Al-Nasr team manager and technical analyst, Khaled Obaid, confirmed his surprise from the declared white list, for more than one reason, the most important of which is the very large age rate in the list that reaches 30 years. He said: “The announced list unfortunately was the grievance of the new team coach, and this is what we talked about Before that the national team needs in the current period a coach who knows the Emirati league, with my respect for all the players for sure, and my relationship with them all is excellent, but how is the 37-year-old player included, and he missed a lot on his team and also the national team last period, so Salmin is absent from Al Wasl second round Fully infected and for how long he was on the list ». He added: «Mahmoud Khamis missed the victory, in addition to being excluded from a previous camp for the team as a disciplinary behavior, so where is the punishment now? Likewise, Majed Hassan, who is returning from a long injury, and Ismail Al Hammadi, who is far from his level, and many reasons that confirm that the players ’choices are not technical, I think, and where are the elements of the Olympic national team. The list also witnessed the absence of the most expensive citizen player, Khaled Bawazeer, and the best of the past two season players . Frankly, the new coach will be unfair about these choices. ”

He continued: «Is there time for the coach to sort 36 players, and is the period sufficient to choose the final list, and play friendly matches to choose the right team to represent Al-Ubaid, as the current age does not help the players to play the 90-minute match with the same effort. Frankly, there are many unanswered questions that need to be answered.

9 question marks

15 players over 30 years on the list.

■ It included Ismail Ahmed (37 years old).

Not to include the most valuable player, Khaled Bawazeer, citizen.

■ It included injured players and they missed their teams a lot, such as Ali Salmin and Majid Hassan.

The absence of Khaled Al-Sanani, the best goalkeeper in numbers, and he responded to 80 attacks.

■ not to include Majed Hassan, the least-goal-keeper.

■ The inclusion of Mahmoud Khamis, who is absent from victory.

The absence of Olympic team players, such as Jassem Yaqoub.

■ Include reserve players far from their level, such as Ismail Al Hammadi, youth player Al Ahly.

Existing positives

Ali Saleh, the Wasl player, is the youngest player in the Al-Abyad list.

■ The Lima, Caio and Tegali trio included for the first time.

15 players over 30 years old, and the joining of players who have been absent from their clubs for long periods.

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