Professional baseball policy to increase the number of spectators from August “No change” Owner Meeting July 13 18:57

DeNA chaired the policy of expanding the number of spectators from next month to half of the capacity of the stadium as the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increases again mainly in Tokyo at the professional baseball owners conference held. Tomoko Minamiba said, "Currently, there is no need to change anything."

Professional baseball has been playing games since the 10th of this month with a maximum of 5,000 spectators, and from the 1st of next month, the policy is to expand the number of spectators to half of the stadium capacity according to the government policy.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo last week, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus reached a record high for the second consecutive day, and exceeded 200 for four consecutive days until the 12th.

At the owner conference held on the 13th, there was no discussion about the pros and cons of the policy of increasing the number of spectators. No need. I personally have the same view."

The conference also decided to suspend the pennant race during the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for next summer, and the opening decided to have 143 games per team as usual with March 26 as the candidate date. ..

What's more, the all-star game and climax series, which had to be canceled or shortened, will be held as usual.

In addition, regarding the fact that there is no description of what to do for the players when the number of games decreases in the "unified contract" between the team and the players, Minamiba owner said, "There is no discussion at this time. I think it will be one of the key points in conducting research in the whole team to enhance the management base of the company, but that is not the end of that."