Data map: The 2018 CBA All-Star Game was staged at the Longgang Universiade Stadium in Shenzhen. The Southern Star Team (red) played against the Northern Star Team (black), and the North and South competed for the "peak". In the end, the Southern team beat the Northern team 147 to 138. The picture shows the northern team's No. 2 athlete Ding Yanyuhang attacking the basket. China News Agency reporter Chen Wenshe

  China News Client Beijing, July 14th (Wang Hao) As Ding Yanyu's agent Sui Ran revealed on Weibo that Ding Yanyu will return to Shandong next season, the "Ding Ding's Adventure", which lasted more than a year, seems to be coming to an end. .

  On the 12th, the former Shandong male basketball player Sui Ran posted a microblog to express his complicated feelings about his old club. In the comments, some fans asked when Ding Yan Yuhang would return to Shandong and Sui Ran replied "Next season". These three words have given the reassurance to countless fans who care about Ding Yanyuhang.

  In Sui Ran's Weibo, he said, "I have already put down a lot of grievances and complaints. As long as Ding can return to the team and step on the court, all this will look forward to me. "

Screenshot of Sui Ran Weibo.

  What the so-called "enmity and resentment" really means is difficult for outsiders to know. But many fans should think of it for the first time. After Ding Yanyu returned from the NBA, Sui Ran, who represented Ding Yanyu's interests, had a "game" or even a "dispute" with the Shandong men's basketball team.

Difficult to bridge

  In 2018, Ding Yanyu, who already has two CBA league MVPs, went to the United States and hoped to have a chance to land in the NBA. However, trapped and injured, he failed to gain a foothold in the United States. At the end of April 2019, Ding Yanyu officially announced his return to China.

  The Shandong team, which experienced a period of ups and downs in the season, re-directed the team in April 2019. Gong Xiaobin re-directed the team. Gong Xiaobin said that he will discuss the return with Ding Yanyu.

  Until this time, not many people could have imagined that this return would be so difficult. Because Ding Yanyuhang is a player cultivated in Shandong, there is no doubt about this. There is no situation where Zhou Qi needs an arbitration by the basketball association when he returns to China.

  However, the negotiations between the two parties did not seem to be smooth since then. Although both admitted that there was a contract between them, it seemed that there were some contradictions between the contracts that could not be reconciled.

Data map: Ding Yanyuhang (right) and Zhou Qi of the Chinese men's basketball team cheer for the team on the bench. On the same day, the 2017 Stankovic Cup Intercontinental Basketball Tournament was played in Shenzhen on the final day. The Chinese men's basketball team finally won the third place by defeating the Egyptian men's basketball team 90-64. China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  On May 5, 2019, the Shandong Men's Basketball Team assembled. Gong Xiaobin said in an interview that Ding Yanyu was welcome to return, but if players only consider it from the perspective of interest, then even if they come back, they may not be able to play well.

  Two days later, Sui Ran, a friend of Ding Yanyu and also the owner of his contract agency, angered the media’s report on the return of Ding Yanyu on Weibo, saying: "I will scold you again on your face", saying that I will never interfere with Ding Yanyu. Decision.

  From this point on, both sides expressed a slight tinge of gunpowder. Obviously no agreement was reached on the return, and Gong Xiaobin's "interest" is probably the focus of the contradiction.

  Speaking of "interests", most people will soon think of "money". So there were some rumors on the Internet that Ding Yanyu asked Shandong for high salary. But later, Ding Yanyu's team denied this claim, saying that they would keep the original contract and accept non-guaranteed contracts.

Ding Yanyu Hang MVP poster. Image source: CBA League Official Bo

Consecutive injuries

  The matter has not been resolved, and Ding Yanyu, who followed the national team to prepare for the World Cup, had to go to the United States for surgery in August because of injuries. After the operation, Ding Yanyu's team issued a statement, saying that his injury was a new injury (rhythmic cartilage fracture in the right knee) encountered when he represented the national team in the NBA Summer League. It was not a patella injury or old injury.

  The statement stated that his surgery is progressing smoothly and he expects to return to the stadium at the end of November. Rumors about Ding Yanyu's "can't fight" and "season reimbursement" are untrue.

  The Shandong men's basketball team issued an announcement saying that after Ding Yanyuhang was injured in the summer league, the club only knew and paid attention to his situation through the Internet in order not to disturb Xiaoding's effectiveness for the country. It wasn't until the team practiced in the United States that Ding Yanyu had performed surgery in the United States. While in the United States, the two sides have maintained corresponding communication.

  Such statements in the statement have caused many fans to guess. Before Ding Yanyu's operation, the Shandong men's basketball team was not aware of it, which showed that the relationship between the two sides did not seem to be so close.

Data map: Ding Yanyuhang is in the game. China News Agency reporter Xing Chongshe

  It was already the end of August when both parties issued a statement. In addition to the players who are preparing for the men’s basketball World Cup in the national team, others have already started preparing for the CBA league that will be unveiled in early November.

  According to the information published by the Chinese Basketball Association, the Shandong team did pre-register for CBA this season for Ding Yanyuhang. This means that this season he can only play for Shandong.

  However, nearly one year has passed, and Ding Yanyuhang's physical condition has not returned to the level where he can play. In January of this year, his team issued an announcement that Ding Yanyuhang suffered chronic patella tendinitis in the right knee due to long-term backlog. For the long-term consideration of his career, he needs further treatment and rehabilitation training. ability.

Never go back

  Throughout the negotiation process between Ding Yanyuhang and the Shandong Men's Basketball Team, Sui Ran played a somewhat "magic" role. As a former Shandong male basketball player, Yu Zi was a friend of Ding Yanyuhang, and Yu Gong was responsible for handling Ding Yanyuhang's Contract negotiation. However, Shandong Men's Basketball has issued an announcement saying that "any economic company's statement cannot represent Ding Yanyu's personal wishes."

Data Map: Sui Ran and Ding Yan Yuhang. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

  Sui Ran also pointed out directly on Weibo that Shandong Men's Basketball did not recognize Ding Yanyuhang's brokerage company and was unwilling to talk to them. He said that in any case, he was Ding Yanyu's strongest backing. "Even if I sell a house, a car, or a company, I will always be with him."

  In fact, in contract negotiations in the field of professional sports, both parties have such slightly emotional expressions, which are not conducive to problem solving. Exactly why a member of the Shandong men's basketball team was a squad, but now it is like this with the home team. The twists and turns are only known to both parties.

  In the semi-finals of the 2018 playoffs, Shandong and Guangsha's sixth game, before the game, Shandong scored 2:3 behind. Even if a good brother Sui Ran repeatedly discourages and suffers from injuries, Ding Yanyuhang still chose to fight with two shots in this critical battle and insisted on playing, hoping that he would succeed in the battle and reverse the situation.

  He said: "There are several such opportunities in my life, I don't want to miss it, fight!" Unfortunately, he forcibly debuted and failed to reap the desired results. Shandong was out, and the impact of that choice on him It continued until later. This is a story that CBA fans always feel bloody but regret.

CBA official competition poster.

  Last July, after the Chinese men's basketball team played the last summer league game, Ding Yanyu said to the media: "I might not come here again. Leave the opportunity to young people."

  The day before Sui Ran announced on Weibo that Ding Yan Yuhang would return next season, Shandong lost to its opponent 98:123 in the match against Liaoning. And 22 wins and 18 losses, temporarily ranked eighth record, is not enough to ensure that they can enter the playoffs.

  "The Adventures of Ding Ding" finally came to a close, but perhaps the branch that had fought with Guangsha to the last moment, Ding Yanyuhang, who was once called the "four-character foreign aid", and Sui Ran and Shandong men who were ignored by many people It's hard to return to the days when the baskets are fighting intimately. (Finish)