Figure Yuzuru Hanyu Best Player Award International Skating Federation July 12, 14:42

The International Skating Federation held a commendation ceremony for players who were active last season, which was newly established in Figure Skating on the 11th, and Yuzuru Hanyu was selected as the first best player award.

The International Skating Federation held an online ceremonial ceremony last year for the newly established ISU Skating Awards for figure skating on the 11th, and the winners of seven categories were announced.

Among them, in the Best Player Award, Hanyu won the first prize by winning the fight with Nathan Chen of the United States.

Hanyu won two Grand Prix series tournaments last season and also won the Four Continents Championships.

Hanyu commented on the official Twitter of the Japan Skating Federation in a video, "I am very surprised because I did not think that I would win the prize. Thanks to everyone who supported me in various situations. Thank you very much.Thank you very much for the new coronavirus and the heavy rain disaster.Please be careful.Be careful and the damage will not spread further. I am praying for."

In addition, Russia's Aryona Kostrunaya, who won the Grand Prix Final of the last season and the women's single, was selected for the Best New Artist Award.