Son Heung-min of the English Premier League Tottenham started scoring in just 5 months and achieved 10 goals and 10 help in the league this season.

Heung-Min Son led the team's 2v1 win with Arsenal at the home stadium of London, England, starting in the 35th round of the Premier League as a forward striker and scoring goals and help one by one.

Heung-Min Son did not have the joy of scoring 10 goals and 10 help in the league for the first time since his professional debut in 2010.

Heungmin Son scored the equalizer with an exquisite shot that intercepted the ball and passed the keeper without missing a passing mistake by Arsenal in the 19th minute of the team's 1-0.

It is Son Heung-min's 10th goal in the league, scoring four digits in a row for four consecutive seasons, and scoring five months after Aston Villa last February.

Son Heung-min's performance continued in the second half.

Alder Bayreld's heading reversal also led the goal with an accurate corner kick in the 36th minute, 1-1.

Thanks to Son Heung-min's performance, Tottenham, who won a 2-1 win, went up from 10th to 8th by adding 3 valuable points.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)