The Racing Point drivers were very satisfied with their car on Sunday. Sergio Pérez became 'Driver of the Day' in the Styrian Grand Prix thanks to his sixth place and Lance Stroll finished seventh in his 'pink Mercedes'.

On Saturday the duo had a weak qualification on the Red Bull Ring. Pérez finished seventeenth on the soaking wet circuit, Stroll had to start twelfth. Together they managed to collect fourteen World Cup points with impressive overtaking races.

"I think we might have the second-fastest car today," Stroll told Sky Sports . "And otherwise the third fastest. At least we were faster than Renault, McLaren and a lot of other competitors."

Mercedes was supreme in Austria on Sunday and Max Verstappen also stayed out of reach of the cars of Racing Point in his Red Bull. The team has also been dubbed 'the pink Mercedes' this year, due to the German team's engine and its numerous aerodynamic similarities to Mercedes' 2019 championship car.

Renault protested Racing Point after Sunday's race because their competitor's cars would be an illegal copy of last year's Mercedes.

Started: P17 inFinished: P6 🏁A superb performance from @SChecoPerezAnd he's your Driver Of The Day at the Styrian Grand Prix #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 # F1

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Pérez just missed out on fourth place

Despite his poor starting position, Pérez almost finished fourth on the Red Bull Ring. In a late catch-up attempt against Red Bull driver Alexander Albon, the experienced Mexican broke off his front wing, dropping back to sixth place.

Lando Norris (fifth), Pérez, Stroll and Daniel Ricciardo (eighth) crossed the line within 1.1 seconds after the spectacular final round.

"The car had a great race pace and I was able to drive a nice overtaking race," Pérez recalled. "The strategy of the team was excellent, it could have been a perfect day if I had finished fourth."

It doesn't get closer than that ... #AustrianGP # F1 #WeRaceAsOne

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'Speed ​​promises a lot for the rest of the season'

Pérez had no regrets about his failed overtaking attempt against Albon. "I pushed really hard and there was really no other way to overtake than where I tried."

"We hit each other in an unfortunate place, which broke off my entire front wing. It was really a matter of millimeters."

Stroll could have outperformed seventh in his opinion. "There were many frustrating moments for me, I was stuck behind Ricciardo for a long time. But all in all, our speed today was very promising for the rest of the season."

Stroll eventually passed Ricciardo with an aggressive maneuver. It was examined by the race management afterwards, but no penalty followed.

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