The client of, July 12th. In the early hours of Beijing time, the five major leagues in Europe continued. In a strong match in Serie A, the leader Juventus experienced a hard fight until the end of the game 2:2 difficult to tie the third ranked Atlanta, C Ronaldo scored two penalties in this game. In La Liga, Barcelona scored 1-0 away from Valladolid. Messi, who sent assists for Vidal, became the first player in La Liga history to score a single season and assist in double 22.

Atlanta played a subtle match

  The battle between Juventus and Atlanta is the focus of the top five leagues this weekend, and the progress of the match is as expected before the game.

  Atlanta, who played away, took the lead in the 16th minute of the game. Alessandro Gomez and Duvan Zapata played a continuous match, and the latter finally scored a low shot in the penalty area, 1:0.

  Juventus tied the game with a penalty kick in the second half. Dybala hit Druen's right elbow in the penalty area from the left. Although Druen signaled that his arm was not open, the referee Giacomelli still punished. Penalty kick. Cristiano Ronaldo advanced the lower left corner, 1:1.

Juventus score a penalty

  In the last 10 minutes of the game, both sides scored another goal. First, Malinowski burst shot in front of Atlanta and exceeded again, then Ronaldo again used a penalty to equalize the score, and finally the two teams shook hands with 2:2. After this campaign, Juventus ended their opponent's 9-game winning streak and 12-game winning streak in the official game, extending the lead in the standings to 8 points.

  Ronaldo scored two goals and Messi also wrote a new history. In Barcelona's away game against Valladolid, in the 15th minute, Messi sent a straight pass against the two defenses, Vidal made a shot on the right side of the penalty area.

Messi assists Vidal

  Coupled with this assist for Vidal, Messi has scored 20 goals and assists in La Liga this season. He has also become the first player in La Liga history to unlock this achievement.

  With this goal, Barcelona ended up defeating their opponents by 1:0. After losing one game in the first game, Real Madrid scored 1 point, and there is still hope to compete for the league title. (Finish)