Good day and welcome to our live blog! My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments in Formula 1 today.

  • GP Styria
  • Severe weather in Spielberg
  • Third training postponed for the time being
  • 3 pm:
  • Qualification

Formula 1 a few seconds ago

Scouring! Engines are started and Sergio Pérez climbs into his Racing Point. Are we going to see action on the Red Bull Ring?

Formula 13 minutes ago

In our preview, reporters Patrick Moeke and Joost Nederpelt discuss with the presenter Samantha van Wijk the scenarios for if there is no qualification today.

F1 preview: 'Verstappen must reach the podium at least'

Formula 1 · 8 minutes ago

It is that wet at the moment in Spielberg.


FP3 will be delayed indefinitely #StyrianGP 🇦🇹 # F1

AvatarAvatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 11: 57 - 11 July 2020

Formula 113 minutes ago

Third free practice delayed indefinitely due to severe weather
The third free practice for the Styrian Grand Prix has been delayed indefinitely due to severe weather. The session would start at noon, but because it is too wet, it is not possible to drive for the time being. The qualification is scheduled for 3 pm today.

Formula 1 · 22 minutes ago

In fifteen minutes the third free practice starts in Formula 1. For the time being, everything is still going according to plan, but the weather in Austria is still not good.

22 minutes ago

Formula 1 · 38 minutes ago


Forecast at Spielberg. It's that fine rain that soaks you through ... 😅

AvatarAvatar Author Mercedes-AMG F1 Moment of Places 11: 26 - 11 July 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

F3 race no longer resumed
The Formula 3 race is no longer resumed and that says everything about the current weather conditions. It is still raining heavily in Austria, so it is no longer responsible to continue racing. The Dutchman Richard Verschoor finishes sixth, because he was in that position when the race was stopped. The question now is what all this means for Formula 1, later today ...

Hello and welcome to the FIA ​​Formula Tree Championship #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 # F3

AvatarAvatar Author Formula 3 Time of places 11: 02 - 11 July 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

Norris: afraid of braking due to physical complaints
Lando Norris blames physical problems on his difficult start to the second Grand Prix weekend in Austria. The McLaren driver is even afraid to brake because of the pain. "I'm physically struggling a bit. I don't know where exactly it is today, maybe from my chest, but at least it is very painful. We were able to drive fewer laps than planned, just to make sure I get back on Saturday in good condition. It is not ideal. "

Formula 1 an hour ago

It just went like this in Formula 3. Meanwhile, the race has come to a halt and that is not a good sign for the program in Formula 1 (from noon).

It's law. Properly. Law. 👇 #AustrianGP

AvatarAvatar Author Mercedes-AMG F1 Moment of Places 10: 55 - July 11, 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

Red flag in Formula 3! It is now really bad weather in Austria ...

RED FLAG! OfAnd if it rains hard in Austria ... 😱 #AustrianGP # F3 # ZiggoSportF1

AvatarAvatar Author Ziggo Sport F1 Time of places 10: 53 - 11 July 2020

Formula 1 an hour ago

The clouds are getting darker. It is still not sure whether we will race in Formula 1 later today ...

Good morning from a rather gloomy Austria 🇦🇹🌧️ Now own up, who's been doing a rain dance? 💃 #AustrianGP # F1

AvatarAvatar Author BWT Racing Point F1 TeamMoment of places10: 42 - July 11, 2020

Formula 1 2 hours ago

Meanwhile, Formula 3 is on the track in Austria. It is now raining a bit harder ...

LIGHTS OUT! Vesti maintains his lead from the off #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 # F3

AvatarAvatar Author Formula 3 Time of places 10: 30 - July 11, 2020

an hour ago

Formula 1 2 hours ago

The clouds are gathering over the Red Bull Ring ...

If you hadn't hear yet, there's rain in the forecast, like A LOT of rain ☔️☔️It's expected to start around lunchtime ... # HaasF1 #AustrianGP

AvatarAvatar Author Haas F1 Team Moment of places 10: 49 - July 11, 2020

Formula 1 3 hours ago

It is still 'good weather' at the Red Bull Ring, but that will change soon. The question is therefore whether we are going to race in Austria today.

It remains to be seen whether there will be driven today in Spielberg #AustrianGP # F1 #GPFans

AvatarAvatar Author Time of places 09: 12 - 11 July 2020

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Today's (provisional) program in Austria:

  • 12 noon-1 pm: Third free practice
  • 3 pm-4pm: Qualification

Formula 1 3 hours ago

New round, new opportunities in Formula 1. This weekend already the second race of the season will take place at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Presenter Samantha van Wijk looks ahead with reporters Joost Nederpelt and Patrick Moeke.

F1 preview: 'Verstappen must reach the podium at least'

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Alfred Snoek, meteorologist at Weerplaza, updates you on the weather forecast for the second Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season.

Formula 1 hour ago

"You never know exactly what's going on in free practice, but it seems the field is closer than last weekend. The others have gotten faster or we slowed down, one of the two," said Hamilton, who celebrated last week in the first race of the season. (2/2)

Formula 1 hour ago

Hamilton: no explanation for problems
Mercedes was a lot less strong yesterday in the first two free practice sessions for the Styrian Grand Prix than on the same circuit a week ago. Lewis Hamilton thinks that Red Bull Racing in particular has gotten faster, while he has no explanation for his own problems. "I don't know why it didn't go well in the afternoon session. It felt relatively normal, but I was quite far from the top time. So there is still a lot of work to do to find out the reason for my problems." (1/2)

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