He improved his personal best by over ten seconds and is the best non-African in the distance and tenth runners of all time. He was less than ten seconds from Kenenisa Bekele's iconic world record of 12.37.35 from 2004.

- When there were two turns left, I saw that the clock was at 10.49 and then I thought: "You can run the last 800 meters in two minutes". The last 200 meters I gave everything I had, ‚ÄĚsays Amed, who ran the final lap in Portland at 57.45 to the International Athletics Association.

Improved American record by ten seconds

On the women's side, Shelby Houlihan won the same distance at 14.23.92, improving his American record by ten seconds.

- I tried to have a good spurt the last lap, says Houlihan, who finished at 61.4 and went into twelfth place through the ages.

The two 5000m races were the only ones on the program at Jesuit High School Track and were organized by the Bowerman Track Club training group.

Clip: More Athletics (July 10, 2020)

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Noah Lyles ran 185 yards at 18.90. Photo: TT News Agency