Men's Golf US Tour 2nd Round Matsuyama Provisional 4th July 14:06

The men's golf tournament tournament had its second round in Ohio on the 10th, but thirty-three players couldn't finish the game due to thunderstorms. Hideki Matsuyama has finished playing and has increased his score by four and is now in the fourth place with a total of 9 under.

Matsuyama, who started in 3rd place, was temporarily interrupted by a thunderstorm in the first half, but decided to have a birdie immediately after restarting, and there were no 3 birdies for the birdie.

However, in the latter half, although there was no bogey, there was only one birdie, and in the end, in the second round there were four birdies and without bogey, the score increased by four, with a total of 9 underscore and a provisional fourth place with a four stroke difference from the top. It has become.

Matsuyama said, "The shots and putts weren't very good, but I was able to grow without a big collapse. I think the fact that I got a birdie immediately after resuming from interruption gave me the opportunity to play well after that." It was.

American 23-year-old Colin Morikawa is a temporary leader with 13 unders.