Two teams with white differences from the start of the season. Sirius who surprised many with his friendly game ahead and a second place in the table. Hammarby, on the other hand, was tipped as a series winner before the season but has had a hard time getting his successful offensive game from last year.

The first kick of the first half was a dangerous finish from Stefano Vecchia, one of Sirius' most important players ahead. 0-0 at the break in a half where Sirius started the best and had good control of the match until just over 30 minutes. Hammarby worked their way into the match and found more combinations ahead, however, without any final product.

Sirius continued to create the best chances during the second half of the match. A half that got an abrupt halt when south Stockholm was hit by a power outage. The match could resume after a short break but remained speechless.

In Hammarby, midfielder Serge "Junior" Martinsson Ngouali made a comeback after a long absence following a cross-band injury.

- It felt good, the legs felt fresh, says "Junior" who was not satisfied was the team's efforts.

- We are second in many situations. We have a tough reaction and hide from the ball.

Hjalmar Ekdal on the Sirius center field, on loan from Hammarby, did not see any major threats from his old friends in "Bajen"

- We make a good match. We start better than they do. I do not think they create any major hazards, says Ekdal.