Carlson Hockey Games in the Czech Republic, which would have ended last season's Euro Hockey Tour when the corona pandemic took the world hostage, is planned instead to start this year's EHT season.

- Our international federation had a web congress just over two weeks ago. Where we nations put together a pretty offensive program in which we plan for all international championships. In light of that, we as an association together with the other Euro Hockey Tour countries have planned for a whole season of Euro Hockey Tour, but with that said we also have a great measure of humility. The pandemic situation that prevails in both Sweden and internationally is very unpredictable. But we are planning for it and then we will see what can be accomplished, says Anders Larsson, chairman of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.

At present, Anders Larsson does not know that there are any restrictions on quarantine rules for participation in Carlson Hockey Games right now.

- It is these types of questions that are so important to follow, which is precisely why our sports managers and competition managers have constant contact to follow developments and comply with the restrictions and recommendations that exist. We are flexible and have great respect and humility for the world situation. But we are prepared and planning to play, says Anders Larsson.
In the planned competition season, there are, as usual, four tournaments in the Euro Hockey Tour where the Swedish Beijer Hockey Games are scheduled to be played in January.

The upcoming season's World Cup is scheduled to be held in Belarus and Latvia starting May 21 next year.