One more cross on the calendar, one day less. With the work suit, without failure in the mission, Madrid added its eighth victory followed by the restart of the championship. A plenary session that places you only five points from the title. If he wins on Monday in Granada, he could sing the alirón at Di Stéfano against Villarreal next Thursday. With office and seriousness, he took the three points [2-0: Narration and statistics].

The coronaliga marathon left Madrid with the defense shivering last night, without three of its four starters. Alavés, desperate for salvation, tried from the beginning to take advantage of the weakness of the local defense, which even presented such an emergency solution as Lucas Vázquez is on the lane.

Galician has ever played in that position, but it is difficult, of course. The people of Vitoria looked for him two minutes later through Edgar's legs. Having won the set, he made the best chance for his team throughout the evening, with a double shot: first from Joselu to the crossbar and then Lucas, to the rebound, his attempt by Varane cleared under sticks. Scare and fortune for Real Madrid , to which almost all the balls that touch him in the network are falling in favor in this strange end of the League.

He collects functions of the same profile, against rivals who try to squeeze his legs in the initial stages. Lots of pressure, rows together and voices of encouragement. However, this battleship Zidane team doesn't seem to be scared of fireworks. It resists more or less firmly and scratches when it can, without the need to tune the violin. He is also being adept at taking advantage of every little mistake from his rival. Although minimal cannot be considered Ximo's absurd penalty after 10 minutes , after beating Mendy to the lung on the left. Tripped behind and 11 meters for Benzema, in the absence of Ramos.

Injured referee

The goal turned off the gas a bit to Alavés, about to get another appearance by the French winger in his own area. With Asensio somewhat unattended, it was the left side the factory of white ideas, almost all because of Rodrygo . One more game showed legs and determination, with more verticality than other days. Oriented controls, sprint exits and dribbles. Showy repertoire of one of the discoveries of the season, a boy without the explosiveness of Vinicius but who is giving a great service to his technician. If Madrid ends up raising this League, it will only be to recognize Zidane for his ability to find solutions in a deep squad, but with very young boys who always require a dose of blind faith.

The first part was spent between halts, the longest due to the injury of the referee, Gil Manzano , who endured how he could until the break. Before, Joselu gave the Valdebebas parterres another opportunity, this time thanks to the powerful entrance of the Scottish Burke on the right. "Go, go," his coach, the rookie Muñiz, was telling him all the time.

Benzema, with a heavy blow to the shoulder, was able to start the second half, but Gil Manzano, replaced by the fourth referee, was not. He had a job soon, with a goal annulled for offside that ended up validating the VAR . The system said Benzema, Asensio's assistant, had left online. From the stands, Ramos pressed ("Goal, clear goal," you could hear him), while deciding the machine. Asensio smiled as a child with the good news. The work of the day seemed on track. Courtois still appeared to embitter Joselu with a two-handed stop. The Belgian has returned gigantic from confinement. From his hands will come part of a League that Madrid has at his disposal.

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