Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, bearer of the OM buyout project, and Mourad Boudjellal, who would then be the new president of the club. - Fethi Belaid, Bertrand LANGLOIS / AFP

He came, says Le Figaro , with his family, also accompanied by Mourad Boudjellal and the organization chart that he intends to set up at OM. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi gave up on his project for the Olympian club in a large interview with the daily newspaper, Thursday evening. "French citizen who loves this country and wants to contribute to its influence", as he defines himself, the businessman intends to make OM "a locomotive for realizing a dream around tolerance and youth in the Mediterranean".

Who is Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, this "inventor" who wants to buy OM?

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In the field, he wants to be ambitious. Very ambitious. He wants to dethrone PSG, win the championship and why not another European Cup. An admirer of Bayern and Barça, he is completely a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. He dreams of it in Marseille. "Everything is possible in life," he says. He is generous and gives a lot. It makes me vibrate. It would be the dream… After that it is the task of Mourad Boudjellal. To whom we wish good luck.

McCourt "listening" despite denials

Regarding the coach of his future team, he likes the one who is in place, Andre Villas-Boas, but thinks bigger. Obviously. "What would be better than bringing the child from the country? "He asks. Zinédine Zidane?, Relaunch our colleagues. "The future will tell us," Ajroudi replies, smiling.

As for the heart of the matter, the negotiation with Frank McCourt, the businessman says he felt the current owner "listening" despite the denials. He is reasonably optimistic. “We were very close but the press made it spread. But now it's calming down a bit, ”he says.


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Takeover of OM: "I am not the intermediary of anyone", says Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

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