▲ Rep. Lee Yong-hee and Choi Young-hee, foretelling the proposal of the'High Choi Sook-hyun'  

A member of the Future Unification Party, Lee said, "I'm going to propose'Go Choi Sook-Hyun Law' with my deceased father."

Rep. Yong Yong stood alongside Choi's father at the National Assembly Communication Hall.

Lee said, "We will install and operate temporary protection facilities for reporters or victims who need urgent protection in the revision of the National Sports Promotion Act to be proposed, and prohibit secondary abuses."

In addition, he said, "We will take measures to protect victims without delay and report immediately to reports of violence or sexual assault."

"We will give the authority to investigate sports organizations and related parties so that the sports ethics center can operate as intended, and if it interferes with it, we will take measures to demand disciplinary action."

The father of the deceased man at the podium with Lee said, "My daughter has made extreme choices wherever there is no appeal. We must legally establish a system so that tragic events will no longer occur."

(Photo = Yonhap News)