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Athletes may not sponsor activities related to the game in stadiums, facilities or sports venues of any kind, nor may they echo them on jerseys or sports equipment.

This is one of the premises included in the draft Royal Decree on Commercial Communications for gambling activities, which was presented by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in February after listening to civil society, institutions and political groups, and which highlights that There is a "shared concern about the increase in gambling in the lives of young generations as a form of leisure."

This draft, as reported by Consumer sources, will be presented this Thursday by the ministry led by Alberto Garzón to the European Commission with the new modifications that the text has undergone after the concern shown by parliamentary groups about the risks of overexposure to advertising gambling and gambling through the mass media and the internet.

In the new version of the Consumption draft, these new steps stand out:

- Radio, TV and video exchange platforms betting announcements can only be broadcast between 1:00 and 5:00.

- Client recruitment promotions (welcome bonuses) are prohibited regardless of the conditions of the promotion.

- Sponsorship in sports jerseys or kits will not be admissible.

- It is also recalled that the advertising of the gaming operators may not be directed directly or indirectly to minors, nor may they be used to persuade or incite this group to play.

- Advertising must include a warning that minors may not participate in gaming activities, such as "minors not", "+18" or similar.

- The sponsorship contracts in which gaming operators subscribed before the approval of the royal decree participate will adapt to the provisions of it within three months from its entry into force.

And more rules: entities that advertise game operators on social networks with a user profile can only do so in those that have mechanisms to prevent such communications from being directed at minors.

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