On the evening of July 12, Beijing time, the Spaniard will face Eval in the 36th round of the league. Although they have been relegated early, the Spaniard still needs to fight for dignity. The picture shows Messi controlling the ball.

  China News Client, Beijing, July 9 (Zhang Yifan) The Spanish lost 0:1 to Camp Nou, and Suarez’s goal sentenced them to “death”. In front of a powerful Barcelona, ​​the Spaniards failed to retain their last hope. After going through the twists and turns of their destiny, they eventually descended into Xiyi.

  This is the Spaniard's relegation again after an interval of 27 years, and the fifth time in the history of the team to drop to West B. As a member of the Spaniard, Wu Lei will be destined not to follow the Spaniard in La Liga next season. As a result, the number of first-team Chinese players in the five major leagues next season is likely to be reset.

  In the winter window of 2019, Wu Lei joined the Spaniard to start his overseas career. It has been 528 days since today. As the "single seedling" of Chinese players currently playing in the top five European leagues, Wu Lei attracted great attention from Chinese fans. In the first season of Wu Lei's staying abroad, with his wonderful performance, he successfully helped the Spaniards break into the Europa League and counterattacked many fans.

This is the fifth time in the history of the Spanish team relegation from La Liga, the first four times were in 1961-62, 1968-69, 1988-89 and 1992-93 season, after 27 years, the team was relegated to the fate. However, after the first four relegation experiences, the Spaniards can return to La Liga next season, I wonder this time the team can continue this history. The picture shows Barcelona's Sergei Roberto and Spaniards Bernardo Espinoza and Raúl de Thomas compete for the ball.

  Afterwards, Barcelona was famous and the European War became famous. Wu Lei wrote history time and time again, filling the gaps over the years and allowing Chinese players who have been in the five major leagues for a long time to reappear in the World Football Center.

  The night just passed was the "ultimate battle" of the Spaniard season. Facing Barcelona at the crucial moment of the championship, their destiny seems to have settled. It is said that everything is difficult at first, but after the Spaniard won the start of the quarter-finals, it quickly fell to the bottom.

  Wu Lei, who came off the bench, struggled for a few minutes. The performance of this game is just like the epitome of Wu Lei's season.

So far, the Spaniard has 5 wins, 9 draws and 21 losses in the 35 rounds of the league that has been fighting, with only 24 points. After the end of the campaign, the difference between the Spaniards and the 17th-ranked Eval increased to 11 points. With three rounds left in the league, the relegation failed in advance. The picture shows Messi dribbling.

  As evaluated by "World Sports News", Wu Lei did not get enough playing time, but in the last few minutes of the game, he still put into the fight. This season's Spaniards have been stormy. The three-time coaching change made the team's tactical play chaotic, and Wu Lei's starting position has often been adjusted.

  Even though the dangers are everywhere, Wu Lei has reached the last minute. Although he won the team's first chance in the first game after the rematch, his diligence did not ultimately save the team.

  As Wu Lei wrote in the latest weekly diary, he did indeed experience an unsuccessful season. But in the case of weak team offense, Wu Lei still surrendered 8 goals and tied for the team's first answer.

  In life, there can never be a script reference.

The picture shows Suarez celebrating the goal.

  Looking back at this time last year, I'm afraid no one would think of the result now. Before Wu Lei stayed abroad, fans may have imagined countless kinds of difficulties that might be encountered, many of which are lack of playing opportunities, perennial substitutes, coaches' distrust and inability to integrate into the team, but they rarely thought it would be the result of relegation.

  Where is Wu Lei's future?

  The Super League can almost conclude that it is not among the options. The league will restart on July 25th. Considering the format of the league system, Wu Lei cannot return in a very short time after the end of the La Liga season.

On January 5th, Beijing time, La Liga ushered in the Catalonia derby battle, the Spaniard took home the home draw of Barcelona 2:2. Wu Lei broke the goal in the 88th minute of the game and scored the first goal of the Chinese player against Barcelona, ​​while helping the team to equalize the score. The picture shows Wu Lei breaking through the Barcelona goal.

  In addition to the two previous Premier League teams, Wu Lei has a high probability of staying with the Spaniards. With reference to the few overseas seniors of Chinese football, Zheng Zhi, Shao Jiayi and Yang Chen, they all played in the top league, and then experienced The pain of relegation is still to follow the team to play in the secondary league.

  On the same day that Wu Lei relegated with the team, Japanese international Okazaki Shinji scored a bomber-style header to help the team overcome his opponents, and Huesca led by him was very hopeful to kill La Liga. The 34-year-old Japanese tycoon who had created the Blue Fox miracle with Leicester rejuvenated his second spring.

  For Wu Lei, who has reached the age of 28, his career still has a long way to go. And on the arduous journey abroad, he ushered in the first turning point in his destiny. We are not Wu Lei himself, it is difficult to be in the right place, but no matter what choice he makes, he must have his reason, or be known or not understood. "The hope of the whole village" needs the continued support of Chinese fans, even if he does not appear on the stage of the five leagues next season.

  Wu Lei's mentor Xu Genbao, who persisted on Chongming Island for more than 20 years, truly dedicated his life to football. As Wu Lei said, there are many ways to succeed, and perseverance, regardless of gain or loss, is true success. Wu Lei has expressed his firm attitude towards the future more than once. As a fan, he can only continue to support the best player in China.

  No matter where Wu Lei's future lies, please do not quit "Martial Addiction". (Finish)