"Iron hammer" never seems to disappoint the Chinese, to a certain extent, even farewell.

  Recently, in an interview with the media, the Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping again confirmed that she will retire after the Tokyo Olympics, and has not yet considered changing the retreat plan.

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  "I haven't considered changing the recession time. What I have to do now is to do my job as a coach and prepare for the Olympics next year." Facing the camera, Lang Ping said.

  As early as an event at the end of 2019, when asked when to retire, Lang Ping responded: "It's almost time."

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  Earlier this year, when talking about the planning after the Tokyo Olympics in an interview, Lang Ping had revealed his plan to retreat: "In fact, I yearn for retirement, first of all, you release it, there is not that much pressure. I just want to live. The desired life is now equal to the growing up of the child, that is, spending more time with them, and wanting to satisfy some of his hobbies in his time, including travel, and take a good look at the world."

  Originally, the work contract signed between Lang Ping and the China Volleyball Association ended after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, due to the epidemic situation, the Olympic Games were postponed for one year, and Lang Ping's contract also extended accordingly for one year. Therefore, Lang Ping's companionship to the Chinese women's volleyball team took another year out of thin air.

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  If everything is as she imagined, the next year will be a long farewell to Lang Ping, "Iron Hammer" and "Lang Guidance". Fortunately, Lang Ping has left enough "preparation time" for us, because neither the Chinese women's volleyball team nor the Chinese fans will be willing to guide Lang to leave.

  After all, among the ten world champions in the history of Chinese women’s volleyball, Lang Ping participated in eight of them as athletes or coaches. From gold medal players to gold coaches, the memories related to Lang Ping are connected together to inspire a generation of Chinese champions. .

  On November 16, 1981, the Chinese women's volleyball team overwhelmed the host Japan with a 7-game victory. For the first time, they won the World Cup and crowned the world champion. That was the first time that the Chinese team won the world championship in the three major ball games. The women's volleyball team not only completed a historic breakthrough, but also the glory of the "five consecutive championships".

The picture shows November 16, 1981. Lang Ping (second from left) and his teammates received the prize after winning the third World Cup Women's Volleyball Championship. Xinhua News Agency issued a picture source: Xinhua Net

  At that time, Lang Ping was 18 years old, just three years after she was first selected for the national team. "We won all and won the real world championship. This is the day we and our coaches, and the coaches of the coaches, generations of people look forward to day and night. Remember today, when we stand on the world championship podium and look at the five stars The solemn moment when the red flag rises, the moment of happiness that will never be forgotten," Lang Ping wrote in his diary at the time.

  Unite and revitalize China! At that time, this sentence was born because of the victory of the Chinese men's volleyball team, and the slogan resounded on the earth of China because of the summit of the Chinese women's volleyball team. It became a symbol of memory for an era of excitement.

  "At that time, the Chinese women's volleyball team already had the strength of a world champion, but because you haven't won a world champion, that layer of window paper has not been pierced. Several generations of athletes have worked hard for this goal, which means that we are the first group to achieve three. The goal of winning the big ball." Lang Ping later commented on that victory.

  With the "window paper" breaking through, the 1982 World Championships, the Chinese women's volleyball team in the final three consecutive games, swept the host Peru won the championship; in 1984, the Chinese sports delegation returned to the Olympics. The Chinese women's volleyball team, who first went to the Olympic stage, lost to the host United States team in the group stage, but when they met again in the final, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated their opponents in three straight games and won the Olympic gold medal for the first time. The Chinese women's volleyball team won the three major championships.

The picture shows that in November 1985, the Chinese women's volleyball team won 7 championships and won the championship for the fourth time in the 4th World Cup Women's Volleyball Game held in Japan. Lang Ping jumped up excitedly. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guan Tianyi photo source: Xinhuanet

  The glory continues, and in 1985 and 1986, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the 4th World Cup and the 10th World Championship.

  So far, the Chinese team has achieved the first "five consecutive championships" glory in the history of the world women's volleyball team, which is also one of the most glorious memories of Chinese sports.

  In the process of reaching the top of the world five times, the "iron hammer" was elected as the most valuable player three times in the 1982 World Championships, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 1985 World Cup.

  Later, Lang Ping retired, which was her first time to bid farewell to the women's volleyball team, and the Chinese women's volleyball team entered the adjustment period. When Lang Ping came out as a "Lang Gui" in 1995, the Chinese women's volleyball team also came out of the trough.

The picture shows Lang Ping, head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Image source: ICphoto

  That year was also a milestone year for Chinese sports. The Olympic Glory Program and the National Fitness Program are "two tracks in parallel", and the recovery of the Chinese women's volleyball team also ignited confidence and hope for the changing Chinese sports.

  At the time of the eight consecutive championships of the Cuban women’s volleyball team, although the women’s volleyball team led by Lang failed to reproduce her glory when she was young, the silver medal of the Atlanta Olympic Games and the runner-up of the 13th World Women’s Volleyball Championship also announced the re-emergence of the king’s division. At this time, Lang Guiding, who led the Chinese women’s volleyball team out of the haze, retreated twice in 1998.

Data Map: Photograph by Li Pingyun, reporter from Lang Ping China News Agency

  At that time, she might not have thought that when her name was written again after the title of the head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team 15 years later, it was another climb from the trough to the peak.

  In 2013, Lang Ping regained control of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Until then, this former champion has experienced a three-year trough. The arrival of Lang Ping once again dispelled the haze.

At the media meeting of the head coaches of China's men's and women's volleyball and beach volleyball teams held on the morning of April 25, 2013, Pan Zhichen, director of the Volleyball Center announced that Lang Ping was appointed as the new head coach of the women's volleyball national team. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

  In the 2015 World Cup, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the Japanese team to win the championship, and won the three major championships again after 11 years. In 2016, in the passionate Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Chinese women's volleyball team entered the final after many strong teams including the host in Lienke, and They defeated Serbia with a 3:1 score, and won the Olympic title after 12 years, and won the third Olympic gold medal in team history.

  In September 2019, after the Chinese women's volleyball team once again won the World Cup with a victory record, the team led by Lang Ping became the first team in history to win the honor five times. At the same time, this is the tenth world championship trophy won by the Chinese women's volleyball team in the three major competitions.

Lang Ping led the Chinese women to fight. Photo by Tang Yanjun

  "Go down the podium, everything starts from scratch" is a sentence hanging in the women's volleyball training hall. But this does not mean forgetting.

  From 1978 to the upcoming 2021, Lang Ping's figure appeared in almost every glory moment of the Chinese women's volleyball team; from the 5th consecutive championship in the 1980s to the three triumphs in the 21st century, the iron-clad Chinese women's volleyball team has been standing behind the tall but gradually Old figure.

She is the invincible "iron hammer" in the 1980s. She is a meritorious coach who has brought the Chinese women's volleyball team from the trough back to the peak time and time again. She is the legendary guide of the Rio Olympics to encourage players to be on the highest podium in every place of life. . She is Lang Ping, a woman who dedicated all her youth to the Chinese women's volleyball team. China News reporter Fu Tianshe

  After the postponed Tokyo Olympics, Lang may be the last dance under the guidance of the Chinese women's volleyball team, but she left more than just memories. She has revealed that the team has eight young coaches, and they hand over the entire training plan and game plan to them for execution, and then come to check and put forward their own opinions. For the Chinese women's volleyball team to continue to develop, it is important not only to have sustainable player reserves, but also coach reserves.

  Of course, what she left behind was another Zhu Ting, who was like herself. The post-Lang Ping era is finally coming. One day, we will always learn to say goodbye to Lang Ping, but the figure in our memory will not go far. The bits and pieces she left for the women's volleyball team will also continue to be passed on between the younger generation and the successors. (Finish)